Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Why the Next Pope will Not be American.

From USAToday Poll Results Yes No

Allow Catholics to use birth control 78 21
Allow priests to marry 63 36
Allow stem cell research 59 36
Allow women priests 55 44
Allow Catholics to divorce/remarry 49 48
Make church doctrine on abortion less strict 37 59

Except for the last item most American Catholics don't seem to believe in church doctrine.
How long will it be before the American Catholic church succeeds from Rome?

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Why are Colleges and Universities Liberal?

It has now been documented that US colleges have liberal faculties, not just in the humanities and social sciences but in the hard sciences as well. Of course conservatives claim this is a conspiracy by the colleges to keep them from getting faculty positions. It seems more likely that it is a matter of self selection. Should liberals be upset that members of the military are more likely to vote conservative? Does the fact that some conservatives believe the earth is less than 6000 years old possibly have anything to do with the liberal bent in higher education? Even President Bush proclaims that the 'jury is still out' on the issue of evolution.
So what is a liberal and what do we believe? Well think about it, liberals believe in 'liberty'. We believe you should be free to follow your conscious as long as it does not impede the rights of others. We believe in fighting for our rights. Conservatives believe in fighting for what they think your rights should be. So here is a list of liberal beliefs:
-we are in charge of defining what our family is
-we believe that the government should not dictate our religious beliefs or moral values
-parents should teach religious values, not the government
-we believe you have control of your own body
-we believe people different from us shouldnt be discriminated against
-we believe the government has the responsibility to preserve the environment for future generations
By the way, you can find out where your political inclinations lie by taking a test at
And one more thing, Republicans want to deregulate big business and regulate you.