Thursday, April 20, 2006

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Does the generosity of the 'Minutemen' bring a tear to your eye like it does to John here: Comment from: john [Visitor]
I think its unbelieveable what the minutemen are doing. I read the article with a tear in my eye at the unbelievable patriotism these men and women have for this country. The only thing I feel bad about is that I am not there to help. If I did not have a baby comming soon I would be there. I am making out my donation asap to this organization. Hats off to the minutemen.

I'm surprised it doesn't call for a several yards of a minefield also.

Press release here.

This comment is also interesting: Comment from: L E GAL [Visitor]
Off subject. But need to know!!! Have just received email titled:
Found!2 trillion barrels of oil in Western Colorado! Hidden beneath 1,000 feet of rock in the Rocky Mountains, lies the largest untapped
oil reserve in the world - more than 2 trillion barrels! On August 8 2005 President Bush mandated its extraction. Six companies have been chosen to lead the way. Test drills have already begun!
Is this old news that I missed????? Could there be any connection to what is going on with the "immigration" problem and the gas prices?? New World Order strikes fear in me!!! I see us as "worker drones" and as Hillary put it, "residents", not citizens!!
What do you think??????

Oh, you can donate to the fence fund here.

The Worst President in History -Rolling Stone

Here's the link to the article by Dr. Sean Wilentz, Professor of History, Princeton University.

Historians agree that Bush II is one of the worst US Presidents in our history. And, this was determined before hurricane Katrina, the Plame leak case and the deterioration of the Iraq situtation.

Calamitous presidents, faced with enormous difficulties -- Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, Hoover and now Bush -- have divided the nation, governed erratically and left the nation worse off.

I would argue that Bush has left the entire planet worse off.

No other president -- Lincoln in the Civil War, FDR in World War II, John F. Kennedy at critical moments of the Cold War -- faced with such a monumental set of military and political circumstances failed to embrace the opposing political party to help wage a truly national struggle. But Bush shut out and even demonized the Democrats.

Yet Bush and the Republicans, who have total control of the government, still manage to blame almost all their mis-steps on the Democrats.

I like this one.... Far from being the conservative he said he was, Bush has blazed a radical new path as the first American president in history who is outwardly hostile to science -- dedicated, as a distinguished, bipartisan panel of educators and scientists (including forty-nine Nobel laureates) has declared, to "the distortion of scientific knowledge for partisan political ends."

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Pres. Bush: "I'm the decider, and I decide what's best. And what's best is for Don Rumsfeld to remain as the secretary of defense."

He decides and we have no choice but to live with the decision.

Adirondack Buffalo Company

Outside of North Creek, NY, on the West side of I-87 is the Adirondack Buffalo Company. A good size herd of American buffalo (Bison) and a gift shop that sells all things buffalo related as well as buffalo meat! They have a nice deck overlooking the herd so you can buffalo watch to your hearts content.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Tahawus, NY - Part 4

Titanium dioxide was mined in Tahawus by the National Lead Industries from 1940 til 1989.

Although the mine is all around Tahawus, this view is taken from the Tahawus Rd looking towards the industrial complex. It's hard to see, but most of those 'hills' in the foreground are actually made up of mine tailings.

Here is a better view of a 300 foot high mountain of tailings.

Ok sue me. I forgot to put my camera in 'distance' mode. If I had you would see a much clearer picture of one of the mine buildings in the distance.

I think everything in this photo is made up of mine tailings, even the road.
There is much more information on Tahawus on this Adirondack Park Agency site, this Ghosttown site, on history of the mining operations here and some nice drawings of the blast furnace at the Library of Congress here.

I highly recommend a personal visit however.

Tahawus, NY - Part 3

This is the location of the old mining community of 'Adirondac'. After the mine was shut down the land was purchased by the Tahawus Club.

Main Street and only street in Tahawus, Ny

Main Street taken from the DEC parking lot.

Some of the houses are overgrown by trees and brush, some are on the other side of the river.

You aren't supposed to enter the buildings for obvious reasons.

You just really need to watch your step.

Nice view of the Hudson River out back of this room but the stairs are gone.
Here is one of the houses across the river. You can see a concrete pier in the lower left of the picture. There was probably a pedestrian bridge across the river.
The above buildings date from the later 1800's but this building, the McNaughton Cottage is the only building remaining from the 1840's. It is supposed to be restored.

President McKinley was shot in Buffalo, NY Sept 7, 1901. By Sept 10th it looked like McKinley would recover, so Vice President Teddy Roosevelt decided to visit has family in the Adirondacks. This trip was also suppose to give the public confidence that the President was going to be alright. On Friday Sept. 13th the President took a turn for the worse and a call to the Vice President was placed immediately to the Tahawus Ny post office. However, Roosevelt was out hiking (this place is still a major trailhead to the high peaks). The VP was found on the trail to Mt. Marcy having lunch with his party. Roosevelt returned to the clubhouse by 5:15 PM. He didn't leave immediately though because he didn't want "stand beside those people who are suffering and anxious". A phone call at 10 PM convinced Roosevelt that he had to return to Buffalo. This involved a 35 mile trip over rain soaked dirt roads to get to the railhead in North Creek, NY. Roosevelt left Tahawus at 10:30PM and didn't get to the train station until 5AM the next morning. Mckinley had died during that night at 2:15AM. Roosevelt was sworn in as President when he reached Buffalo.