Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bush and Appeasement

It's not surprising that Bush and his supporters don't seem to understand the definition of appeasement. Appeasment is a policy of "accepting the imposed conditions of an aggressor in lieu of armed resistance". It's not the same thing as talking or diplomacy. When the Bush administration talks with N. Korea and Iran it's diplomacy. If a Democrat proposes doing the same thing - it's Nazi appeasement.

Let's face it, our President is a moron.

Welcome Sittig Family

There is a guest commentary in todays Adirondack Daily Enterprise written by Mr. Dick Sittig. He an his wife are the ones that have purchased the old Wawbeek Hotel property. It's a letter that convinces me that the Sittigs treated the locals fairly as far as attempting to preserve the old Wawbeek buildings. I loved eating at the Wawbeek Restaurant. But there is not that much special about the building other than the location and the unusual fireplace/staircase (and the fact it's relatively old). The Sittigs own the property and should be allowed to do what they want with it within the boundries of the law. We have and would give that right to anyone already living in the area.

It's time to for us to welcome this family to the Adirondacks, whether they live here year round or only in the summer.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Edwards to Endorse Obama Tonight

Just announced.

Does Obama Have a Problem with Hard Working Whites?

He does with bar owner Mike Norman in Georgia.
"This place is a diamond in the rough," said Gene McKinley, a Woodstock engineer among the patrons Tuesday. "People here are genuine and honest. It's the one place I can go without having to worry if I'm offending someone."
And the patrons of Mike's bar are genuine and honest.

Classic Colbert on O'Reilly

It's true, no one wears dickies anymore.

Who Supports the Troops (and who doesn't)

There are many ways of supporting our military. You can give up President Bush has done. Or, you can attempt to pass some legislation, like the GI Bill of Rights for the 21st Century. Yes, the Bill is expensive at an estimated $2.5 billion per year. But that is about what we spend in Iraq in one week. A years worth of war funding would provide GI Bill benefits to our troops for over 50 years.

The Bill improves veteran health care, increases survivor benefits, pays a $1000 bonus to troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, and improves health and education benefits for veterans. That is how one supports troops.

The Senate Bill S.22 is sponsored by Sen. Jim Webb and has 57 cosponsors. Notably absent as a cosponsor is Sen. John McCain. The House Bill H.R. 5740 is sponsored by Rep. Harry Mitchell and has 295 cosponsors. Notably absent as a cosponsor is Rep. John McHugh. President Bush has his own reasons for not supporting the Bill, among them that the Bill is too expensive.

People love to talk about supporting troops, but when it comes to putting your money where your mouth is....not so much.

Monday, May 12, 2008

New Trudeau Stamp Unveiled

Here is the new 76 cent stamp released by the USPS honoring Dr. Edward Livingston Trudeau. The stamps and first day covers were released today in a ceremony held by Trudeau Institute, Inc. at the Hotel Saranac.

Prima Donna Bill O'Reilly

(from Think Progress)

There are no words to adequately describe this hero of the right wing.

UPDATE: Didn't take CBS long to get that video off youtube. But you can still see it here

Obama and Hamas?

Why do the "terrorists" seem to support Obama, or for that matter Democratic candidates for President? It could be because Democrats are liberal, commie, cowards who are rooting for the terrorists to win the world. Or...could it be reverse psychology. Root for the guys you need to fear in hopes of getting a neocon elected. Neoconservative policies have been very helpful in recruiting new terrorists. Neoconservatives want us to be afraid. They count on us being afraid so they will get elected. Hamas is smart.....let's hope Americans are smarter.