Friday, February 23, 2007

Poison Gas Attacks?

Attacks using chlorine gas have been used in Iraq. How soon before this happens in the USA? I wonder how chemical plant security is coming along in the USA? Read this article "You too can break into a chemical plant". We know plans to protect chemical plants from terrorist attacks have been talked about, but why aren't they in place?

Read about Mr. Philip Perry - Dick Cheney's Son-in-Law. It was his job to make sure it didn't happen.

Chickens Are Good People!

Go to Sara's blog and listen to George Carlin spout off on pro-lifers, religion and hypocrits. I laughed so hard I had to play it several times to hear hear the whole thing. Too many good lines to even remember. I did particularly like "Catholics, which I was until I reached the age of reason"....

WARNING: Definitely not work appropriate

They Hate Us for Our Freedoms

That's the conservative line about one cause of tensions between the West and Islamic nations. The problem is it's just not true. At least according to this World Public Opinion Poll. A survey of 28,000 people across 27 different countries was done. Only 29% said that tensions were due to "differences of religion/culture". 52% said tensions were due to "political power and interests".

So why do conservatives continue with the "they hate us for our freedoms" thing? Well, if Islamic nations hate us for our freedoms that means we can continue the actions that are really the cause of the tensions.

No More Non-Binding Resolutions on Iraq War

The Democrats have a new strategy. Supercede the 2002Iraq War Authorization resolution with one that will start withdrawing troops in March 2008, the date recommended by the bipartisan Iraq Study group. American troops would remain in Iraq to help secure their borders, as a counter-terrorism force and to train Iraqi forces. That seems like a good place to start in my opinion. More here.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


The Middle East's premier defense exhibition and convention ongoing in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It appears that business will be good because of the tensions between USA, Iraq and Iran. It's high time for the oil rich states to update their weapons capacity.
Those countries want to protect critical sites such as oil installations, ports -- and U.S. military bases that house tens of thousands of American troops. Of those five nations, only Saudi Arabia has no American bases.

Helicopters and electronic warning sensors are expected to be hot sellers. For example, seaborne early warning radar can can detect rogue vessels approaching ports or oil terminals, said Robin Hughes, a Mideast military analyst at the London-based agency Jane's, a sponsor of the show.

Saudis want updated helicopters and Europe is only too happy to provide Tiger Helicopters (for a price of course). That bad boy has a 30 mm canon, 68 mm rockets and air to air missiles.

The Emirates want ship to ship missiles and Iran want air defense systems.

Plenty of German, British and French warships will be on display. Business is good.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Good-Bye Chief Illiniwek

Students really want to keep the mascot:
One Facebook group that attracted over 110 members is titled “If They Get Rid of the Chief I’m Becoming a Racist.” One of its postings reads, “[W]hat they don’t realize is that there was never a racist problem before ... but now I hate redskins and hope all those drunk casino owning bums die."
Another post states that one of the leaders of the movement to remove Chief Illiniwek is of Sioux descent. “I say we throw a tomohawk [sic] into her face.”
Some think it will affect the University financially:
Edwards predicted that many alumni will stop giving. “I think the impact will be financial. There are people who honest to goodness believe that they will not give again,” she said.
But the evidence shows otherwise:
according to officials at Stanford and institutions that made similar decisions, is for the noise and anger to quickly subside, except for very small groups of alumni. Richard Little, a Miami University spokesman who organized a mascot switch in 1996 (from Redskins to Redhawks), noted in a 2005 interview that the university sells more clothing now than it did with the old name, notwithstanding those fans who were upset about the change
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