Wednesday, July 20, 2005

You've Gotta Care

You can't not care about the war in Iraq. I thought the war with Iraq was a terrible idea, but I have to admit that Colin Powell's presentation to the UN half convinced me that maybe I was wrong. Now for at least the past 2 years we know the Bush Administration started the war based on lies. Now for my Republican friends I have to ask....who do you care more about...your President, your Party or our country. I'm sick to death of what this White House did in outing an undercover CIA agent just to get back at her husband. And, ignoring the lessons of the last administration they lied about what they did. Is treason now just part of hardball politics? Does anything go now? Can any Republican or Conservative argue that if this had happened during a Democratic Admin. that they would not be hollering for someone's head to be placed on the fence outside the White House. Personally, I don't need a law to be broken to tell me that outing a covert CIA agent during wartime (so called) is just plain wrong. But then again, I'm just one of many America-hating liberals.