Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ship floating on nothing! (Hexafluorid) :: Physikshow Bonn

So cool.

Iraq War is a Disaster

No I didn't waste my time listening to President Bush explain his "new war plan". From everything I've read, absolutely nothing "new" was presented. Just more of the same. Absolutely no change in strategy, just minor changes in tactics. The Iraq War is a disaster but it is a disaster brought on by President George W. Bush and he wants to insure the war is ongoing at the time he leaves office. That way, at least, some other president will have a share of the disaster in history.

I understand Mr. Bush acknowledged that some of his tactics had been "failures" in Iraq. I wish I had heard that part of his speech. I can only imagine it was like "the Fonz" trying to say he was wwwrr wwrro wwrrroong.

So now we will have 20,000 more bodies (that's all they are to Bush) in Iraq, another Navy carrier group and batteries of Patriot Missiles. All in an attempt of making Georgie boy look better 30 years from now. We are also now directly threatening Syria and Iran.

Bush is now definitely micromanaging the war. He is ignoring the advice of his military advisors, supposedly for the first time. Make no mistake. This is not a "surge", it is an escalation of this war.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I'm A Liberal

And I'm a liberal too. Just need to get a beret and a baguette.