Saturday, October 27, 2007

We Don't Elect Bald Men President of the USA

Only five elected Presidents of the USA have been bald. The last one was Ike. Before that....Van Buren in 1848. We don't count Ford because he was never elected. That fact must make Mitt Romney very happy.

USA! USA! We're Number 1! (sometimes)

Well not in every case. Life expectancy at birth (#28)? GDP per capita (#9)? Unemployment rate (#50)? Education spending (#38)? Reading literacy (#15). Broadband internet access (#16).

We do however rank right up there in some areas. CO2 emmissions per capita (#5), municipal waste per capita (#1), conventional arms export (#2), murders with firearms (#4), number of prisoners (#1 by far), external debt (#1), Seventh Day Adventist membership (#2), motor vehicles per 1000 people (#1), divorce rate (#1).

Humans to Become Two Species

"Evolutionary theorist" Oliver Curry of the London School of Economics predicts the humans will evolve into 2 species. You see ugly guys will mate with ugly women creating a troll-like race and the beautiful people will mate with other people to create a seven ft. tall, long-lived, super-race. This will take 1000 yrs. to happen.

This nutjob received his PhD in 2005 from the Government Department of the London School of Economics and currently teaches Political Theory at New York University in London. Man, that sure is good training to base your evolutionary theories on.

I always had a lot of respect for the London School of Economics but you can become really disappointed when you see a prestigious university has people like Curry on their staff. Kinda like Anne Coulter having a degree from a great university like Cornell, that is so sad for Cornell.

That being said, the article about Curry's theory is published in the Daily Mail which is the "Weekly World News" of the UK.

Tied Up During Woodstock

Sen. Tom Coburn doesn't want Federal funds going towards a "hippie museum" in upstate Bethal, NY, the site of the 1969 Woodstock Festival. So he killed a federal "earmark" of one million dollars. This has gotten a fair amount of press and is now part of the presidential campaign. John McCain was "tied up" during the Woodstock Festival. He gets good laughs with that line. The potential problem is that upstate Bethal, NY, and upstate NY in general, is Republican territory and many voters aren't laughing.

The Bethal Woods Center for the Arts is a museum and performing arts center built largely with funds provided by the Gerry Foundation (85 million) and the State of NY (15 million). It is hoped the Center will help in the economic development of an area of upstate NY by bringing in concert goers from NY city.

I'm not a big fan of "earmarks". Especially when the developer turns around and donates to the campaigns of the official who help obtain the earmark. But if earmarks are going to continue this certainly seems to be the type of project that is deserving of federal funds.

It's well known that NY pays out more in Federal taxes than it gets back.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Do You Really Believe That Chain Email?

I'm a naturally skeptical person so I discount the chain emails warning me about all kinds of weird stuff. One of my favorite websites I use to convince people not to worry about their latest chain email is the urban legend busting site

Now there is another good website called whose sole purpose is to stop junk email and misinformation. Many chain emails have some truth to them but the truth is presented in a slanted, skewed manner as to be almost laughable.

Is the ACLU trying to remove crosses from Arlington National Cemetary? Is California trying to outlaw Christian foster families? Should Dunkin Donuts be boycotted because they are un-American?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Did We Miss Osama Again Through Incompetence?

Is this story really true? It's on Fox News so for conservatives it's a given, but can it really be true. Did the Bush administration fail in their opportunity to kill Osama bin Laden again....just two months ago? Why isn't this story being reported anywhere else?
We know, with a 70 percent level of certainty — which is huge in the world of intelligence — that in August of 2007, bin Laden was in a convoy headed south from Tora Bora. We had his butt, on camera, on satellite. We were listening to his conversations. We had the world’s best hunters/killers — Seal Team 6 — nearby. We had the world class Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) coordinating with the CIA and other agencies. We had unmanned drones overhead with missiles on their wings; we had the best Air Force on the planet, begging to drop one on the terrorist. We had him in our sights; we had done it. Nice job again guys — now, pull the damn trigger.

Unbelievably, and in my opinion, criminally, we did not kill Usama bin Laden.

This is probably just another instance of a story made up by an unpatriotic, America-hating, phony soldier. Or, it's another example of Bush incompetence. Which is more likely?

WARNING: Dick Cheney Hunting in NY!

WARNING!!! Dick Cheney is going to be hunting in NY next Monday morning!!! Exactly who is dumb enough to go hunting with this guy?

Oops, turns out these guys are willing to hunt with Dick. Note to Clove Valley Rod and Gun Club Members: 1) don't let Dick drink before hunting; 2) load his gun with blanks.

Top 10 Dangerous Organizations

Brought to you by Family Security Matters and Jason Rantz.
Unfortunately, these groups are propagandizing millions of Americans because biased newspapers, magazines, and cable news networks are knowingly treating the information these organizations spoon feed them as fact.

1. Media Matters for America
(They give the other side of what conservatives would have you believe, how is that dangerous?)

2. Universities and Colleges
(Does this include conservative Univ. and Colleges like Liberty Univ.?)

(Ok, yes, this organization is far left and has smeared some "patriots". Have conservatives ever smeared a "patriot"? Ask John McCain, John Kerry, Max Cleland, any General that disagrees with Bush etc.)

4. League of the South
(Never heard of them, but they are "Southern Nationalist Organization" run by one of those rare conservative ex-college professors.)

5. Center for American Progress
(Damn, this organization thinks that conservative Supreme Court judges want a conservative America!)

6. Family Research Council
(Actually we love this organization, sometimes they go just a tad bit too far.)

7. American Civil Liberties Union
(How can this organization not be #1? Any organization that works to protect the Bill of Rights has got to bad.)

8. CodePINK
(Doubly dangerous to the USA because they are LIBERALS but also WOMEN! "Loony, hypocritical women" at that!)

9. Muslim Student Association
(Brown people! And they have funny names! Be suspicious of these guys!)

10. Think Progress
(Another bunch of liberal liars.)

Anyone really going to trust Jason Rantz? Look at those eyebrows and he looks kinda swarthy too!

Conservative Confusion

What's up with the conservatives support of Republican candidates for President Rudy Guliani and Mitt Romney? The first is a social liberal and the second makes Kerry the "flip-flopper" look like an amateur. Both were elected by residents of the two most liberal states in the NorthEastern USA. To balance that however, both are certifiably insane with their ideas on foreign policies. In fact, Rudy is like a fusion of G.W. Bush with Dick Cheney when it comes to foreign policy, especially war.

As a NY Times op-ed points out, Republicans have a perfectly good true conservative candidate in Gov. Mike Huckabee. Sure he has a funny last name, but at least he's a true conservative. On top of that, Chuck Norris thinks he's pretty cool too. Hell, he's even a Baptist minister?
But why aren’t the social conservatives rallying around this guy? Unlike any of the major candidates, he’s still on his first wife and first position on abortion. Once we start getting into the inevitable personal stories of redemption, Americans would have a much better time listening to Huckabee tell how he lost 110 pounds than sitting through Rudy’s 9/11 story again or looking at pictures of Mitt’s 10 grandchildren.

Is Gov. Huckabee not angry enough for conservative voters? Is Gov. Huckabee just too compassionate for conservative voters? Is anyone else confused about the lack of conservative support for Gov. Huckabee?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Damn Liberals!

The liberals have been causing a ton of trouble the last few days. First, it turns out that the racists remarks made by Nobel Prize winner Dr. James Watson are actually the fault of, you guessed it, liberals!

Yep, and San Diego, city of liberals, is in danger of burning down. That's not a bad thing because liberals live there. And, if Osama bin Laden didn't order the fires started, they were surely started by environmentalists (environmentalist liberals, because only liberals care about the environment). Of course, Rushbo has to get in his two cents on how these fires are the fault of liberals.

Listen and Learn

If you still don't get it, go here and read it.

Majority of Americans Believe Earth is 6010 Yr. Old

60% of adult Americans believe that the universe was created in six days. I assume that means that 60% of adult Americans believe that yesterday was the birthday of the Earth. The earth is indeed 6010 yrs (and 1 day) old.

But here is the real problem with those that believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible.

"While the level of literal acceptance of these Bible stories is nothing short of astonishing given our cultural context, the widespread embrace of these accounts raises questions about the unmistakable gap between belief and behavior. On the one hand we have tens of millions of people who view these narratives as reflections of the reality, the authority and the involvement of God in our lives. On the other hand, a majority of those same people harbor a stubborn indifference toward God and His desire to have intimacy with them. In fact, a minority of the people who believe these stories to be true consistently apply the principles imbedded in these stories within their own lives. It seems that millions of Americans believe the Bible content is true, but are not willing to translate those stories into action. Sadly, for many people, the Bible has become a respected but impersonal religious history lesson that stays removed from their life."
[from the Barna Group]
Or as Jimmy Buffet put it much more eloquently: "there's a thin line between Saturday night and Sunday morning".

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Earth's Birthday is Today!

The Earth came into being on Sunday October 23, 4004 BC (some say at 9 AM). That makes today the Earth's 6010th birthday. Yep, this is what millions of people belive. Bishop James Ussher calculated the age of the Earth and published it in the "Annals of the World" in 1650. Moreover, Adam and Eve were chased out of the Garden of Eden shortly thereafter, Monday November 10, 4004 BC. And, the ark touched down on Mt Ararat on 5 May 5, 2348 BC, a Wednesday.

You can learn much more about the "Annals of the World" at Conservapedia. Conservapedia, the trustworthy encyclopedia, highly recommends that every home should have a copy of this history of the world, especially home-schoolers.

D. B. Cooper Identified?

35 years ago, a man who called himself Dan Cooper hijacked a 727, received a $200,000 ransom and escaped by parachuting out of the rear of the airliner. He has neither been heard of or seen since. Who was he really?

An extensive article in the NY Magazine provides some new possible clues.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Lack of Family Values Costs Richard Mellon Scaife

Richard Mellon Scaife, the billionaire that funds the Heritage Foundation to publish to publish papers with titles like "Restoring a Culture of Marriage" is getting a divorce from his second wife. Part of a temporary settlement is that Scaife will pay his wife $24,000 a day. Maybe that will teach the "family values" lover not to tryst with a prostitute. The billionaire was not smart enough to earn his fortune, he inherited it. He also wasn't smart enough to have a prenuptual agreement with his second wife to protect his fortune.

Couldn't happen to a more deserving conservative. Best of luck to Mrs. Scaife (and I hope you get the dog).

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Louisiana Has a New Governor

As of January 2008, Piyush Jindal is the new Republican Governor of Louisiana. Jindal is the first non-white governor of Louisiana since Reconstruction. Jindal currently represents the Louisiana's 1st congressional district in the US House of Representatives. He won that office with 88% of the vote. He won the governorship with 53% of the vote.

Rep. Jindal has been a conservative Republican who votes primarily with Pres. Bush. He has missed over 20% of the votes this session.

NY, Drivers Licenses and Illegal Immigrants

Todays NY Times offers badly needed support to Eliot Spitzer, concerning the Governors proposal to allow NY drivers licenses to be granted to illegal immigrants. This topic has been a hot issue in NY lately because everyone agrees that the illegal immigrant problem needs to be addressed.

The NY Times op-ed explains that one must examine the risk/benefit ratio of granting drivers licenses to illegal immigrants. Spitzer wants to make NY highways safer by insuring that all drivers are trained, licensed and insured. As the op-ed points out, Spitzers plan has the added benefit of putting names and addresses to the persons being granted a drivers license. Moreover, the op-ed says security expert Richard Clarke supports the plan.
Richard Clarke, an adviser under the last four presidents, mostly on national security issues, has said that making driver’s licenses available to immigrants regardless of their legal status would promote security because “it is far preferable for the state to know who is living in it and driving on its roads."
Lastly, the op-ed rightly claims that illegal immigrantion is a national problem that can only be effectively addressed in Washington, not on the State level. Citizens truly concerned about illegal immigrants should be complaining to their congressional representatives rather than unloading on Eliot Spitzer.