Thursday, October 25, 2007

Conservative Confusion

What's up with the conservatives support of Republican candidates for President Rudy Guliani and Mitt Romney? The first is a social liberal and the second makes Kerry the "flip-flopper" look like an amateur. Both were elected by residents of the two most liberal states in the NorthEastern USA. To balance that however, both are certifiably insane with their ideas on foreign policies. In fact, Rudy is like a fusion of G.W. Bush with Dick Cheney when it comes to foreign policy, especially war.

As a NY Times op-ed points out, Republicans have a perfectly good true conservative candidate in Gov. Mike Huckabee. Sure he has a funny last name, but at least he's a true conservative. On top of that, Chuck Norris thinks he's pretty cool too. Hell, he's even a Baptist minister?
But why aren’t the social conservatives rallying around this guy? Unlike any of the major candidates, he’s still on his first wife and first position on abortion. Once we start getting into the inevitable personal stories of redemption, Americans would have a much better time listening to Huckabee tell how he lost 110 pounds than sitting through Rudy’s 9/11 story again or looking at pictures of Mitt’s 10 grandchildren.

Is Gov. Huckabee not angry enough for conservative voters? Is Gov. Huckabee just too compassionate for conservative voters? Is anyone else confused about the lack of conservative support for Gov. Huckabee?

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