Thursday, October 25, 2007

Top 10 Dangerous Organizations

Brought to you by Family Security Matters and Jason Rantz.
Unfortunately, these groups are propagandizing millions of Americans because biased newspapers, magazines, and cable news networks are knowingly treating the information these organizations spoon feed them as fact.

1. Media Matters for America
(They give the other side of what conservatives would have you believe, how is that dangerous?)

2. Universities and Colleges
(Does this include conservative Univ. and Colleges like Liberty Univ.?)

(Ok, yes, this organization is far left and has smeared some "patriots". Have conservatives ever smeared a "patriot"? Ask John McCain, John Kerry, Max Cleland, any General that disagrees with Bush etc.)

4. League of the South
(Never heard of them, but they are "Southern Nationalist Organization" run by one of those rare conservative ex-college professors.)

5. Center for American Progress
(Damn, this organization thinks that conservative Supreme Court judges want a conservative America!)

6. Family Research Council
(Actually we love this organization, sometimes they go just a tad bit too far.)

7. American Civil Liberties Union
(How can this organization not be #1? Any organization that works to protect the Bill of Rights has got to bad.)

8. CodePINK
(Doubly dangerous to the USA because they are LIBERALS but also WOMEN! "Loony, hypocritical women" at that!)

9. Muslim Student Association
(Brown people! And they have funny names! Be suspicious of these guys!)

10. Think Progress
(Another bunch of liberal liars.)

Anyone really going to trust Jason Rantz? Look at those eyebrows and he looks kinda swarthy too!

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