Friday, June 23, 2006

Flag Burning - again

“those 10 amendments we call the Bill of Rights have never been changed or altered by one iota, not by one word, not a single time in all of American history. There was not a single change during any of our foreign wars, and not during recessions or depressions or panics. Not a single change when we were going through times of great emotion and anger like the Vietnam era, when flag after flag was burned or desecrated. There is only one way to weaken our nation. The way to weaken our nation would be to erode the freedom that we all share.” Sen. John Glenn

Banning flag burning, in the words of Justice Antonin Scalia, “dilutes the very freedom that makes this emblem so revered.”

Never thought Tony Scalia would agree with me on something.

Hey Republicans

How's that Republican majority in the Federal Gov't working out for you?

A war with Iraq that by the Presidents own admission will not end during his term of office. 'Stay the course' is not a war winning strategy guys. But you don't mind the rubber stamp boys. Oh yeah, and tell us again how swimmingly things are going in Iraq right now? Is it your next vacation destination?

A real tax cut for the rich. Yeah, let's put the USA another $700 odd billion dollars in debt so the Hiltons and Waltons and Marses don't have to pay estate taxes. Hell, your kids can pay the debt with their taxed income from their Wal-Mart job.

Voting Rights Act. Hey, what's the hurry in renewing that stupid act? Yeah I know, Republicans are just ultraconservative, not racist...besides you are the party of Lincoln right?

North Korea Missile launch. Well that sorta snuck up on us huh? After all, we have the important job of fighting terrorists in Iraq.

Minimum wage? No need to raise that as long as you vote to raise your salaries every year. Let them eat cake.

When is that Senate Intelligence Comm. report on the manipulation of pre-war intelligence coming out. Yeah, I know you promised to get on that right after the 2004 elections. How's that coming anyhow?

Well at least you have good 'family values' candidates running for President. The fact that 3 of them are known adulterers doesn't really matter.

Congressional oversight, ethics investigations, corruption, incompetence....well at least you have God on your side...right?

Forget about all the above complaints. Surely they cannot be as important as stopping gay marriage and flag burning. What have you done for your holier than thou base concerning abortion lately?

But I really shouldn't complain so much about you guys, I mean Clinton did get a bj didn't he.

Keep up the good job guys.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

N. Korea Nuke Attack Bovine Excretment

1. A liquid fueled ICBM in the 21st century - laughable 50's technology

2. Fuel is a corrosive mixture of gasoline/kerosine (20/80) with an oxidizer that has corrosive nitric acid in it. Once the missile is fueled it has to be a) launched, b)defueled, c) allowed to corrode into whatever, d) it's not fueled. How long has it been fueled now - 4 days?

3. The missile, if it works, can barely reach Alaska (theoretically). It can probably be launched carrying a nuke. It cannot do both.

4. The N. Korea missile launch facility is a joke.

5. Our 'Ballistic missile defense' has been made 'operational'. This is a good one. A missile defense system that 90% of experts say doesn't work. Do we really want to show the world it doesn't work?

6. Do we want to waste a million dollar cruise missile taking out a piece of poorly made N. Korean 50's technology (that's being generous)junk? A missile whose name was changed from No-dong to Taepo Dong? (Note: no dong, no heaven - Deuteronomy 23:1)

H. polygyrus Eggs

See developing series of pictures here at

Getting Into Iraq - A Huge Betrayal

I didn't get to see 'The Dark Side' on PBS the other night. From what I've read it's basically about how Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfield betrayed our country and lied us into the Iraq War.

Read some comments about it by Taylor Marsh here.

Looks like eventually we will be able to view this Frontline episode online.

An Army of One

Maximum age to enlist was raised from 35 to 40 last January. Now it's been raised to 42! Go Army! Keep it up and pretty soon us 'old' guys will be able to enlist. I've always said that wars should be fought by old guys, let's say 55 and up. Why sacrifice our young?

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What's the War Costing?

What's 250 ft tall and 125 ft wide and 320 ft tall (about as tall as Big Ben) at its highest point? Why that would be a stack of $1 bills, the cost of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars as of April 2005. See the man and the car down below? For more go here.

BTW, 87 billion dollars would cancel the debt of every state in the union.

Bush Flag Defacing

This isn't the first time he's done this.

TITLE 4 > CHAPTER 1 > § 8

§ 8. Respect for flag

(g) The flag should never have placed upon it, nor on any part of it, nor attached to it any mark, insignia, letter, word, figure, design, picture, or drawing of any nature.

Breaking this law is a misdemeanor and is punishable by a fine not to exceed $100 or thirty days in jail or both.

Had Enough? by Robert L. Borosage

In the Democratic Strategist.

1. Clean out the stables. Root out the outrages and rip-offs.

2. Stand up for people, not special interests. Revoke tax breaks for the rich. Increase minimum wage. Make college affordable. No more 'earmarks'.

3. A bold concerted drive for energy independence. Get serious about our energy problems.

4. An Economics that Works for America. What great economy? Certainly not for the average Joe. A strategy that helps workers and makes CEO's accountable.

5. A Real Security Plan for America. Level with the American people about the war in Iraq and the 'war on terror'. Take a stand.

Read the whole article.

A Birthday Worth Celebrating


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Flag Desecration Amendment

Hell yes I'm opposed to it. I guess I'm a dirty godless commie.

1. It really isn't a problem. When is the last time you walked down the street and saw someone burning the flag in political protest?
Professor Robert Justin Goldstein documented approximately 45 reported incidents of flag burning in the over 200 years between 1777 when the flag was adopted, and 1989, when Congress passed, and the Supreme Court rejected, the Flag Protection Act. About half of these occurred during the Vietnam War.

2. The Bill of Rights has never been restricted by a constitutional amendment in 212 years of our existence. This amendment starts chipping away at our right to free speech.

3. It's stupid. Ok, say the amendment is approved and becomes part of our constitution. Is burning a picture of the flag illegal? What if I order some American flags but on the bottom it says "this is not a flag"? Is burning that illegal?

The flag is only a symbol for gods sake. And, it's a symbol of our freedom. Freedom to burn the flag in political protest.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

New Furniture

Our new dining room buffet. Made by Jonas an Amish cabinet maker. Solid oak, very heavy and you would cry if I told you what we paid for it. We are going to get Jonas to make us an entertainment center next.