Thursday, July 15, 2010

GOP: Keep Tax Cuts for the rich but we can't afford to help jobless

Seriously, GOPer's want to spend $68 billion per year on tax cuts for the rich and at the same time tell people who are out of work that we can't afford an extension to unemployment benefits. What is really shocking is that the GOP will likely gain seats in the next Congress. What is wrong with the American voter?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fixing Social Security

According to the Congressional Budget Office we have several choices.

I favor taxing covered earnings up to $250,000 without an increase in benefits or better yet, taxing covered earnings above the taxable maximum without an increase in benefits. Why? Because higher income earning men live longer than lower income earning men. Seems only fair that those that are going to live longer should have to pay more into the system.


Who Owns You?

I do believe wilfull ignorance is a major problem in the USA. People can't think critically, they cannot evaluate evidence (facts) that is staring them in the face. And, even worse, even if they see and understand the facts, a majority will not accept those facts. We are getting screwed by a big Red, White and Blue Dick.