Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Beginning of the End of the GOP

Jake McIntyre sure can turn a phrase. Here he is on Doug Hoffman:
One thing is for certain - the impact of the NY-23 saga on the fate of the GOP will have far more long-reaching effects than the simple question of who wins on Tuesday. The Republican establishment that at least pretended to speak to all Americans is deeply, deeply wounded, and a wild-eyed, exclusionist, birther religio-beast is taking its place

Scozzafava Suspends Campaign

It looks more and more likely that the 23rd district of NY will be represented by Douglas Hoffman now that Scozzafava has suspended her campaign. Doug will win many votes based on his opposition to abortion and hatred of gays - important issues for many that vote the conservative line.

But you have to ask, when will socially conservative voters learn that conservative politicians want their votes but really aren't all that interested in overturning Roe v. Wade? They made this promise in 1994 and again in 2000. They held both houses of Congress and the Presidency and had a very conservative Supreme Court. They didn't do it then and they won't do it now. Conservatives want one thing, to protect big business and the rich, period. Doug is perfect for that job, after all, he is in the business of helping the rich evade income taxes.

Yeah, let the Teabaggin begin. Doug Hoffman, the saviour of the "common man", will lead the "regular people" to a new and better life. I would expect nothing less from the guy who helped the US Hockey Team defeat the Soviet Union in 1980.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Bush Raised Taxes?

I'm not sure if Doug was referencing Daddy Bush or Lil Bush but here is what he said last night:
Hoffman shot back, and even seemed to be implying that the problem with Bush was that he taxed too much: - "The failed Bush taxes. Well what we want to do is then increase taxes, Mr. Owens? Is that going to help business? Is that going to help increase jobs?"

In Doug's conservative mind, Bush actually raised taxes. Well, if he was talking about Daddy Bush, who actually did raise taxes, that brought us into some of the most prosperous years of the 20th Century. If he's talking about Lil Bush, well I guess Doug just isn't too familiar with history.

BTW, I notice that conservatives are really getting down on Republicans. Republicans just are not far enough to the right. If Doug wind this election, in the long-term this is good for Democrats. The country isn't nearly as conservative as the wing-nuts believe. The demographics are changing rapidly. A winning Hoffman will, as Lisa Simpson says, embiggin conservatives to put forth Un-Electable rightwingers in 2010. Not all regions of the country are as willfully ignorant as some people in NY-23.

Doug Hoffman Gets Specific

Doug clarifies his position on "pork-barrel" spending: Hoffman also said that his opponents' claims that he is against earmarks are false. He explained that he is in favor of getting every dollar available for important projects but is against back-room dealing to get unneeded funding.

"I will make sure that all necessary projects are approved, but I will cut out the fat and pork."

Now I finally get it. Doug is against pork for the other guy, but in favor of pork for us. After all, what is unnecessary pork and fat but for what the other guy wants earmarks for?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hoffman to "Save America"

Failed Presidential candidate, Fred Thompson, has a question for you:
"Big government, high taxes, deficits, broken promises -- America is in trouble," Thompson says. "So when your grandchildren ask you why you didn't do something [to save America?], be able to tell them that you voted for Doug Hoffman."

Doug Hoffman for President?

William "the bloody" Kristol has some predictions in his opinion piece in today's Washington Post. First, the Republican party is going to become more conservative. Second, the party is going to shed it's more "moderate" members. And, third, the conservative nominee for President in 2012 is going to be an "outsider" like Mike Huckabee or Sarah Palin. I don't know about you, but I don't consider Huckabee or Palin to be outsiders. A real outsider would be Doug Hoffman, who is running for the NY-23 House seat. Kristol makes this prediction:
Indeed, I suspect that the person most likely to break into this group of front-runners would be a businessman who stands up against President Obama's big-government proposals, a retired general who objects to Obama's foreign policy or a civic activist who rallies the public against some liberal outrage. If a Republican elected official emerges, it will probably be because he or she champions some populist cause, not because that person is a fine representative or senator or governor.
Hmmm, let's see: businessman (Hoffman), general (Hoffman has a distinguished military background), champion of a public cause (can't deny that Hoffman is championing a cause), not a fine representative (Hoffman doesn't seem to care about NY-23 issues so he probably wouldn't be a fine representive if elected).

No, if Hoffman doesn't win the NY-23 (or if he does), he is the kind of candidate that Kristol believes will be nominated for President. Lucky for most of us, history proves that 99% of William Kristol's predictions are wrong.

Note: it's likely Kristol's first two predictions are correct. It's clear the future of the Republican party is to become more conservative. It is doing this by completely shedding it's more "moderate" members to become a regional party of the South.