Friday, October 30, 2009

Bush Raised Taxes?

I'm not sure if Doug was referencing Daddy Bush or Lil Bush but here is what he said last night:
Hoffman shot back, and even seemed to be implying that the problem with Bush was that he taxed too much: - "The failed Bush taxes. Well what we want to do is then increase taxes, Mr. Owens? Is that going to help business? Is that going to help increase jobs?"

In Doug's conservative mind, Bush actually raised taxes. Well, if he was talking about Daddy Bush, who actually did raise taxes, that brought us into some of the most prosperous years of the 20th Century. If he's talking about Lil Bush, well I guess Doug just isn't too familiar with history.

BTW, I notice that conservatives are really getting down on Republicans. Republicans just are not far enough to the right. If Doug wind this election, in the long-term this is good for Democrats. The country isn't nearly as conservative as the wing-nuts believe. The demographics are changing rapidly. A winning Hoffman will, as Lisa Simpson says, embiggin conservatives to put forth Un-Electable rightwingers in 2010. Not all regions of the country are as willfully ignorant as some people in NY-23.

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