Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Doug Hoffman for President?

William "the bloody" Kristol has some predictions in his opinion piece in today's Washington Post. First, the Republican party is going to become more conservative. Second, the party is going to shed it's more "moderate" members. And, third, the conservative nominee for President in 2012 is going to be an "outsider" like Mike Huckabee or Sarah Palin. I don't know about you, but I don't consider Huckabee or Palin to be outsiders. A real outsider would be Doug Hoffman, who is running for the NY-23 House seat. Kristol makes this prediction:
Indeed, I suspect that the person most likely to break into this group of front-runners would be a businessman who stands up against President Obama's big-government proposals, a retired general who objects to Obama's foreign policy or a civic activist who rallies the public against some liberal outrage. If a Republican elected official emerges, it will probably be because he or she champions some populist cause, not because that person is a fine representative or senator or governor.
Hmmm, let's see: businessman (Hoffman), general (Hoffman has a distinguished military background), champion of a public cause (can't deny that Hoffman is championing a cause), not a fine representative (Hoffman doesn't seem to care about NY-23 issues so he probably wouldn't be a fine representive if elected).

No, if Hoffman doesn't win the NY-23 (or if he does), he is the kind of candidate that Kristol believes will be nominated for President. Lucky for most of us, history proves that 99% of William Kristol's predictions are wrong.

Note: it's likely Kristol's first two predictions are correct. It's clear the future of the Republican party is to become more conservative. It is doing this by completely shedding it's more "moderate" members to become a regional party of the South.

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Ron Vanselow said...

Well, considering that Kristol has been absolutely wrong about, well... just about everything, I wouldn't give too much thought to his prognostications.