Friday, January 16, 2009

Preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States

Does the oath "preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States" apply only to Democratic presidents? It appears that way. The last Republican president to be held accountable for his illegal actions was Richard Nixon. That was back in the days when the Republican party stood for accountablity and believed in enforcing laws. Barack Obama apparently believes in the philosophy of "let sleeping dogs lie". Obams says, look forward and not back, forget about investigating any possible illegal activities by G.W. Bush or those in his administration. In other words the rule of law does not matter.

Unfortunately, if Obama goes down this road, it means breaking his oath of office. Did G.W. Bush defend the Constitution when he unilaterally broke treaties by allowing torture or suspending Habeas Corpus or ignoring laws or portions of laws he did not like? In my humble opinion, Bush broke his oath of office and he broke the law.

Letting Bush get away with ignoring the rule of law means that Barack Obama has every right to act just as Bush has acted. I will complain just as loudly if Obama decides to go this route. However, Republicans have given up the right to complain if Obama acts as Bush has acted.

Cold Adirondack Morning

As you can see above, it was cold last night out at the Adirondack Regional Airport. Oddly, it's gotten even colder over the last hour or there was something wrong with the weather instruments. Other temperature readings around the area for 8:30 AM include -12.2 at Petrova Middle School, -15.3 at Hurley Ave. in Lake Placid, -22 at the Mt. VanHovenberg bobsled run, and -4 in Keene, NY.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Calling Out Joe the Plumber

Yes, Joe (or is it Sam) the Plumber is now a "war correspondent" for Pajamas Media. Joe concludes that the media should not be allowed to cover war. CNN's Rick Sanchez disagrees and attempts to explain to Joe the role of the media in a Democracy.

Magic to Save Obama

You can always count on the "holier than thou" to show up to save us. But maybe someone can explain how smearing oil on a door is going to help President Barack Obama lead our country. It's also nice to know that a few of our congressmen, like Rep. (Dr.) Paul Broun (R-GA), are equally adept at delivering a sermon as well as a political speech. Let us all pray that Obama "listens" to God.

Believe it or not

This is for Mike at Trudeau.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Review of the "Imperial Presidency"

You can find a 487-page report which reviews the Bush presidency and possible illegal activities here (pdf file). The report was prepared for Rep. John Conyers and it recommends that an independent panel determine if any laws were broken by G.W. Bush. Will Bush finally be held accountable for something? In my opinion, it is unlikely. If there is an independent investigation, I hope they also investigate why Democrats let Bush get away with so much.

Cimex lectularius BEDBUGS

The bedbug problem continues to plague New York City and no one seems to be doing anything about it. There are several excellent websites that discuss Cimex lectularius. One of the best websites concerning bedbugs I've found is by Extension Entomologist Michael F. Potter at the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture. Other websites include those of Dr. Stephen Kells at the University of Minnesota and Hardin M.D. at the University of Iowa.