Saturday, April 12, 2008

Are You Bitter?

Obama at his best. Damn right people are bitter. Just start a conversation about our government and determine for yourself whether people are bitter or not. Ask those that have lost their jobs, who have lost their homes, who are unable to return to a hurricane ravaged city, who have no health insurance. Ask those in the military that are getting a little tired of the lack or real support for the troops. Yes, a good number of people are bitter.

How Does Iraq War Help You (or the USA)?

Bob Herbert asks a good question in todays NYT. How does the Iraq War help me? It's a question worth some consideration. So let's see. The dollar is worth nothing; Wages are stagnant; Oil is sky high; Our economy and the Nations infrastructure are in terrible shape; We have a healthcare crisis; our military both personnel and equipment is degraded; the USA is disliked and mistrusted around the World; we spy on our own citizens without warrants, hold people indefinitely without charges, use torture and have a President who proudly proclaims that laws do not apply to him.

All this in the name of increased safety for Americans and democracy for those in Iraq. This so-called safety and democracy come at a cost of at least 1 trillion dollars thus far and probably much, much more in the future.

So when will we be able to finish up in Iraq and leave? Well success is "just around the corner". And, the "next 6 months will tell". Unfortunately, Americans have been falling for these excuses for 5 years now. And, for some reason we continue to fall for these excuses. I'm not sure why.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Six Months at a Time

This is exactly right. We are always just six months away from success in Iraq. Unfortunately, "success" is either never defined or the goal posts are always being moved.