Saturday, February 14, 2009

Why Does John McHugh Hate the North Country?

Will any of the economic stimulus money come to the North Country. I imagine it will, certainly in the form of money for Medicare and education. Will John McHugh take credit for any money the North Country gets from the economic stimulus bill? Since he voted against it, I assume he will not.

While you are at it.....maybe we better ask John why he hates women? Women don't deserve equal pay for equal work John?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Conservative Explanation of Evolution

Virginia Republican Chairman Jeff Frederick explains the theory of evolution. This make me just want to cry. I'm guessing Jeff Frederick is "less evolved".

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Natural Selection

In Charles Darwin's own words:

Let it also be borne in mind how infinitely complex and close-fitting are the mutual relations of all organic beings to each other and to their physical conditions of life; and consequently what infinitely varied diversities of structure might be of use to each being under changing conditions of life ... If such [variations] do occur, can we doubt (remembering that many more individuals are born than can possibly survive) that individuals haing any advantage, however slight, over others, would have the best chance of surviving and of procreating their kind? ... This preservation of favourable individual differences and variations, and the destruction of those which are injurious, I have called Natural Selection, or the Survival of the Fittest.

Fair Play

Just found this cool website for those that may need refresher training on civics. You don't even need to read, just click on the book and get schooled on civics.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Acceptance of Evolution Theory

Gallup has an extensive poll concerning who accepts the theory of evolution. You can find it here.

Only 39% of US citizens accept the theory of evolution. Why is that?

Conservative Bullshit

Do you ever wonder from whence come the "facts" used by conservative talk radio hosts, far right-wing, know-nothing politicians and "swiftboaters". It's the guy pictured above. Ex-producer for Rush Limbaugh, communications director for Republican Senators, first source for swiftboaters and current communications director for one of the dumbest, fu***ing members of the US Senate, James Inhofe. This is a guy that concludes his facts first and then finds "evidence" to support them. You can read more about this patriot here and more here.

Erasmus Darwin (1731-1802)

Tomorrow is Darwin Day, the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin. Let's start the celebration a bit early by talking about Charles Darwin's grandfather, Erasmus Darwin.

Erasmus Darwin was a physician and "natural philospher" or a person who studied nature or science before the development of modern science. Erasmus Darwin actually came up with the idea of evolution decades before his grandson published the "Origin of Species". Erasmus Darwin published his version of evolution (along with ideas concerning pathology). "Zoonomia" was published in Unfortunately, Erasmus was unable to come up with how evolution would actually work. You can actually read the entire Zoonomia by clicking the above link (thank-you

Would it be too bold to imagine that, in the great length of time since the earth began to exist, perhaps millions of ages before the commencement of the history of mankind would it be too bold to imagine that all warm-blooded animals have arisen from one living filament, which the great First Cause endued with animality, with the power of acquiring new parts, attended with new propensities, directed by irritations, sensations, volitions and associations, and thus possessing the faculty of continuing to improve by its own inherent activity, and of delivering down these improvements by generation to its posterity, world without end!

No, it wasn't too bold to think the above thought.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Blue Moon of Kentucky - A Rare One

Paul, George and Ringo

American's Right to Privacy - O'Reilly Version

Recent Conservative Comments

A couple of mornings ago, a local woman called the morning radio show "Talk of the Town".

The USA has loaned so much money to other countries! Why don't we make those countries pay us back!

Be careful of what you wish for. The USA is the largest debtor nation on earth. Let's hope and pray that China and Japan don't insist on immediate repayment of our debt to those countries. Check out this link at the CIA World Factbook. Be sure and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the table.

This afternoons email contained this comment to one of my posts on Liberal vs Conservative Values. This post generated quite a bit of discussion about the effectiveness and morality of torture. Of course, the non-believer (me) said torture was immoral, the Christian (Tony) said torture was absolutely necessary.

Did you ever answer this question?

"However if liberals do believe in freedom, liberty and the constitution can you name one policy or bill intrudeced by a liberal legislature or executive that did not increase the size, role and demands of the government in the last 10 years?"
Huh? wha... I mean just wait a minute. The last 10 years? Who has been in charge the last 10 years. Not liberals. Who doubled the national debt over the last 10 years? And yes, who enlarged the government over the last 10 years. Answer - Republicans. It is really hard to take some people seriously.

Oops, yet another comment from the same person.

BTW, this right here: using techniques that (a) actually work and (b) don't turn us into monsters?

I would like examples, please. And examples of why they would not be considered torture under your definition. Almost ANYTHING can be considered torture under the right circumstances.
I almost have to agree. Reading posts from the above commenter could be defined as torture.

The Mosquito

One of the most deadly creatures known to man - the mosquito. Think malaria, yellow fever, encephalitis etc. - deadly diseases that have killed millions, maybe even billions since the dawn of time.

Here is the life cycle of that nasty creature.

First, the egg. Different types of mosquitoes have very different habits as to where they lay their eggs.

The egg hatches into a larva. This is the little creature you see swimming around in that bucket of water you have outside your house in the summer. Notice the little siphon through which the larva obtains oxygen at the surface of the water.

The larva eventually molt into pupae. This stage only lasts a couple of days dependent on the temperature. Inside the pupa the adult form is developing.

Lastly, we have the blood sucking murderer itself - the adult form. Only females feed on blood. They need the blood for egg development.

For everything you ever wanted to know about malaria (and more) this appears to be a pretty valid website.

Monday, February 09, 2009


Miller JD, Scott EC, Okamoto S (2006) Public acceptance of evolution. Science 313:765-766.

Is there any way we might get to beat Turkey anytime in the near future?

Obama Really Does Bring Change

Check this out. Here is a question from a person attending an Obama "town hall" meeting in Indiana.
"You have come to our county and asked us to trust you, but those that you have appointed to your Cabinet are not trustworthy and can not handle their own budget and tax issues. I'm one of those who thinks you need to have a beer with Sean Hannity, so tell me why, from my side ..."
People in the audience start to boo but President Obama doesn't want that. Here is President Obama after quieting crowd and saying the women has a legitimate question....
"Now, with respect to Sean Hannity, I didn't know that he had invited me for a beer. But I will take that under advisement. Generally, his opinion of me does not seem to be very high. But, uh, but I'm always good for a beer."

This wasn't a Bush meeting where questions and questioners had to be prescreened. Just think, a person can be critical of President Obama, in a public meeting, and not be escorted out of the meeting room. Times really have changed.

Republican Economics

One of the best features of the original plan was aid to cash-strapped state governments, which would have provided a quick boost to the economy while preserving essential services. But the centrists insisted on a $40 billion cut in that spending.
So says Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman The one part of the economic stimulus package that was understandable, money for state governments, was slashed by "centrist" Republicans in return for their votes to pass the package.

Here is the message I've been getting from Republican lawmakers. First, don't help states out, make them cut their budgets. Somehow losing state government jobs is good in the current economic climate. Claiming that firemen, policemen, teachers and corrections officers (both teachers and corrections officers are likely to lose jobs in SL) is just fearmongering.

Second, tax cuts are what we need. Especially tax cuts for the wealthy and businesses. The benefits of these tax cuts will trickle down, like they did with the Bush tax cuts. And, by the way, we need to make the Bush tax cuts permanent. Nice thing about tax cuts for the wealthy - they work whether the economy is good or bad!

Third, don't give any breaks to those who need it the most - the poor. See, if you give them money they will only save it. We need to give it to people who will spend the money.

Fourth, deficits are bad! We are borrowing on our childrens future! Please forget that we ran up one of the largest deficits in the history of mankind over the last year. It was to pay for our safety.

Unfortunately, if the economic stimulus doesn't work, Democrats are going to be blamed. If it works, I'm sure Republicans will figure out how to take credit for it.