Saturday, February 14, 2009

Why Does John McHugh Hate the North Country?

Will any of the economic stimulus money come to the North Country. I imagine it will, certainly in the form of money for Medicare and education. Will John McHugh take credit for any money the North Country gets from the economic stimulus bill? Since he voted against it, I assume he will not.

While you are at it.....maybe we better ask John why he hates women? Women don't deserve equal pay for equal work John?

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Russ said...

Its not that he hates us, he is more concered about climbing the party power ladder than doing what he was elected to do. Which is to collectivly represent the people of the North Country in Washington. The sad thing is that when push comes to shove his freinds in Washington would dump him in a heartbeat if they saw an opportunity to use his downfall to further the power of the Republican Party.