Monday, February 09, 2009

Republican Economics

One of the best features of the original plan was aid to cash-strapped state governments, which would have provided a quick boost to the economy while preserving essential services. But the centrists insisted on a $40 billion cut in that spending.
So says Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman The one part of the economic stimulus package that was understandable, money for state governments, was slashed by "centrist" Republicans in return for their votes to pass the package.

Here is the message I've been getting from Republican lawmakers. First, don't help states out, make them cut their budgets. Somehow losing state government jobs is good in the current economic climate. Claiming that firemen, policemen, teachers and corrections officers (both teachers and corrections officers are likely to lose jobs in SL) is just fearmongering.

Second, tax cuts are what we need. Especially tax cuts for the wealthy and businesses. The benefits of these tax cuts will trickle down, like they did with the Bush tax cuts. And, by the way, we need to make the Bush tax cuts permanent. Nice thing about tax cuts for the wealthy - they work whether the economy is good or bad!

Third, don't give any breaks to those who need it the most - the poor. See, if you give them money they will only save it. We need to give it to people who will spend the money.

Fourth, deficits are bad! We are borrowing on our childrens future! Please forget that we ran up one of the largest deficits in the history of mankind over the last year. It was to pay for our safety.

Unfortunately, if the economic stimulus doesn't work, Democrats are going to be blamed. If it works, I'm sure Republicans will figure out how to take credit for it.

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