Monday, February 09, 2009

Obama Really Does Bring Change

Check this out. Here is a question from a person attending an Obama "town hall" meeting in Indiana.
"You have come to our county and asked us to trust you, but those that you have appointed to your Cabinet are not trustworthy and can not handle their own budget and tax issues. I'm one of those who thinks you need to have a beer with Sean Hannity, so tell me why, from my side ..."
People in the audience start to boo but President Obama doesn't want that. Here is President Obama after quieting crowd and saying the women has a legitimate question....
"Now, with respect to Sean Hannity, I didn't know that he had invited me for a beer. But I will take that under advisement. Generally, his opinion of me does not seem to be very high. But, uh, but I'm always good for a beer."

This wasn't a Bush meeting where questions and questioners had to be prescreened. Just think, a person can be critical of President Obama, in a public meeting, and not be escorted out of the meeting room. Times really have changed.

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