Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Recent Conservative Comments

A couple of mornings ago, a local woman called the morning radio show "Talk of the Town".

The USA has loaned so much money to other countries! Why don't we make those countries pay us back!

Be careful of what you wish for. The USA is the largest debtor nation on earth. Let's hope and pray that China and Japan don't insist on immediate repayment of our debt to those countries. Check out this link at the CIA World Factbook. Be sure and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the table.

This afternoons email contained this comment to one of my posts on Liberal vs Conservative Values. This post generated quite a bit of discussion about the effectiveness and morality of torture. Of course, the non-believer (me) said torture was immoral, the Christian (Tony) said torture was absolutely necessary.

Did you ever answer this question?

"However if liberals do believe in freedom, liberty and the constitution can you name one policy or bill intrudeced by a liberal legislature or executive that did not increase the size, role and demands of the government in the last 10 years?"
Huh? wha... I mean just wait a minute. The last 10 years? Who has been in charge the last 10 years. Not liberals. Who doubled the national debt over the last 10 years? And yes, who enlarged the government over the last 10 years. Answer - Republicans. It is really hard to take some people seriously.

Oops, yet another comment from the same person.

BTW, this right here: using techniques that (a) actually work and (b) don't turn us into monsters?

I would like examples, please. And examples of why they would not be considered torture under your definition. Almost ANYTHING can be considered torture under the right circumstances.
I almost have to agree. Reading posts from the above commenter could be defined as torture.

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Anonymous said...

The host Chris Knight really does a good job at keeping from laughing at some of the comments.