Thursday, June 25, 2009

Truth in Labeling - Clean Water & Safe Drugs

You've got to love the legal system in the USA. If you want to market an unsafe, over-the-counter drug, such as Zicam, you need only label it a "homeopathic" drug.

If you want to allow a mining company to dump mining waste into an Alaskan lake (and now probably any body of water in the USA), all you need do is to label the waste "fill".

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sen. Betty Little - Be a Leader

As the fiasco in the New York State Senate continues, I have a suggestion for resolving the "leadership" conflict. Our State senator, Betty Little, claims to be a leader in the NY State senate. She could easily prove her leadership capabilities by temporarily ending the impasse in the State Senate.

Sen. Little could temporarily "go over" to the Democratic side resolving the "leadership" question and allowing the Senate to vote on the many bills before that body. In my view, this would not hurt Sen. Little's chances of getting re-elected in her district which is primarily conservative (rather than Republican). What it would do, is show that she is more concerned about the people of her district and the state of NY than she is about her party. At the same time, this action would likely win her many Democratic votes next time she runs for re-election.

So, Sen. Little, why don't you take it upon yourself to end the "leadership impasse" in the NY State Senate by proving that you are a leader and proving that you care about your constituents more than party politics.