Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Schumer and Soros Dunnit

Umm, didn't "J.D." get defeated by a Democrat last year? Now he wants to run for John McCain's Senate seat, that is, if he doesn't go up the river for Abramhoff related activities.

John McHugh "Announces" Grants

The National Institutes of Health awarded two local Trudeau Institute scientists with a few million dollars in research grants. These grants were announced by John McHugh. McHugh who had nothing at all to do with the scientists getting the grants. But still, he attempts to borrow a little credit for the years of work these two scientists put in to their grant application. NIH grants, by the way, are peer reviewed and Congress has little say in who gets awards.

Congressman McHugh has explained why he voted against the Obama economic stimulus package.
McHugh said the $787 billion package doesn’t provide enough tax relief. He also worried about the tens of billions of dollars that the federal government will have to borrow from future taxpayers and whether it will do any real good in addressing the current crisis.
McHugh, like most Republicans, have a fundamental belief that tax cuts solve all problems - in good and bad economies. I guess 300 billion in tax cuts included in the bill just were not sufficient in McHugh's mind.

Next, McHugh brings up the specter of ACORN.
He said the package includes two billion dollars to groups like ACORN, which has been accused of voter registration fraud in cases across the country

You see, ACORN might be able to compete for funds included for "neighborhood stabilization". We all know that means it is just money for more unproven voter fraud. John's fears are based on a "barely true" statement according to PolitiFact. We all know how concerned Republicans are about fair elections.

McHugh must think people living in the North Country are idiots. And maybe we are. We keep returning this dufus to Congress.

UPDATE: Also see this concerning the ACORN lie.