Saturday, July 12, 2008

SL Antique Boat Show

Thanks to Spencer Boatworks!

Bush Shows World USA is #1

Bush finally announced to fellow World leaders that the USA is #1 in something.
His final words to the likes of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and French President Nicolas Sarkozy: "Goodbye from the world's biggest polluter."
What he actually proved is that the American people elected a complete idiot at least once in the last 8 years. The whole world will be better off when this clown retires.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Iran Shows Off

Here is one hell of an awesome picture...scary too. Iran giving the World a demonstration of their military might. Now let me say they wouldn't have a chance against the US Military. Iran has no navy to speak off and can't come close to the military technology that the US could use against them. But by now we should understand that military power alone does not win wars. Remember also, during the Iran Iraq War of the 80's, Iran had no qualms about using boy soldiers to clear mine fields by ordering them to run into the field. Who won the Iran Iraq War anyway?

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Mike Oot for Congress

Mike Oot is now running unopposed for the Democratic nomination to represent the 23rd Congressional District of New York. If you are a Democrat Mike is your man. If you are an Independent, do yourself a favor and visit Mike's website. I'm sure you will agree with many of his positions. If you are a Republican, and you are sick of the Iraq War, think something has to be done about health care and want to hear real straight talk about our energy problems, it might be best if you join the rest of us in retiring Rep. John McHugh. After all, Mr. McHugh did promise us he would only serve six terms in the House of Representatives.

A Message From Dan Francis

Dan Francis was running for John McHugh's Congressional seat (NY-23). Unfortunately, Mr. Francis was unable to collect enough signatures on a nominating petition. Here is Dan Francis entire post to the citizens of NY-23:
Message to the Citizens of NY 23rd Congressional District

This is a history-making election year. We still face two wars with no end in sight and success fleeting.

* Our economy is on the verge of collapse.
* Congress spends wildly and has sustained a deficit of $700 billion, along with record foreign borrowing, and a national debt if $9.4 trillion.
* We face a recession that government can't seem to handle, and most now serving in office are plainly are out of touch with reality. Yet most of them will be reelected from campaigns built on huge expensive coffers, slick Ad and gimmicks, as well as a lot of fear and hype.
* The status quo has clearly failed the public they swore to serve.
* This Congress has a job approval rating of less than twenty percent. That number speaks volumes for the condition of our ship of state: leaderless, rudderless, and adrift on a sea of red ink that is gridlocked and awash in rabid partisanship that benefits no one except those serving in office.

As I looked around me over the past year or so, what I saw was not the America I grew up in, or the one I wanted for today, or even the one that I had served my whole adult life as a Marine and then as a DOD civilian employee all over the world. It is not the country that I fought and bled for years ago in Vietnam. What I saw was government out of control, abusive and an electorate hungry for leadership that in this district that in my view did not serve each and every person in this district.

I reached the conclusion that it was time to run for the seat and send Mr. McHugh into retirement. I figured I had the best background in positions that prepared me to make tough decisions that he never made regarding war and peace, torture, rational economic policies that impact not only this district, but also the country as a whole, and bold leadership.

I wanted to be a new voice because I believed that a lot of voices in this district were not been heard. I believed that I represented the values and views of a lot of people – but reaching a lot of them in this vast district is an awesome task, and I simply did not have the resources and support that my opponent has. I could have tried to raise a lot of outside money, like Mr. Oot did, or as Mr. McHugh always does, but that would offer surrender on my staunchest principle – to represent the people and not big outside money.

I wanted those things, but I was wrong.

The fact of the matter is that I badly misjudged the power and influence of the Democratic Party county chairs in this vast, 11-county district in my assessment of what they wanted vs. what I offered. I came up short in the required number of signatures on petitions required to gain ballot access for a September 9 primary against Mr. Oot. I am disappointed, but not angry, or cynical. This is still my country and my district and I will continue to speak out on serious issues.

My campaign for public office ends with this effort. I had the chance to meet new friends and see old ones. I enjoyed every single moment of this campaign. I had asked only two things from the people: to give me a fair look and an honest evaluation, and if they thought I was worthy, to give me their help and support. I fell short in that regard.

I sincerely thank everyone who supported me and signed a petition nominating me. That means a great deal to me and I will always be grateful for that effort. I will call or email each one of them and personally thank them. I wish Mr. Oot the best of luck in this campaign. May the best candidate win and then stand tall to represent us better than we have seen in the past. We certainly deserve change.


Danny M. Francis

The Afghanistan War - How's it going?

I've accepted that I'm a "surrender monkey" and a member of the "tear down America" group but has anyone else noticed that things in Afghanistan aren't going so well. The above chart from Nukes and Spooks proves that a picture says more than a thousand words.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Success for Bush!

Well, Bush did have at least one success according to the above graph from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. So what if GDP, consumption, investment, net worth, wages and salaries and employment were all down during the period of 2001-2007. Look at corporate taxes. At least someone was making some dough.

Liberal Agenda vs Conservative Beliefs, Principles and Convictions

Why do liberals have an "agenda" and conservatives have beliefs, principles and convictions? What exactly is so wrong with the liberal "agenda"? Maybe I'm not fully aware of exactly what is in the liberal agenda.

Is the liberal agenda based on the idea that all people, at least most people, have some good in them versus the conservative idea that all people are out to screw you? Maybe the problem with the liberal agenda is that it allows the "unworthy" to be treated the same as the "worthy". I'm sure one problem with the liberal agenda is that it costs too much. Forget the fact that most of the National Debt has been acrued by conservative Presidents and we are currently fighting wars that cost billions per week.

So what are some Liberal principles? First the rule of law and the Constitution always come first. Explain to me how you can have a democracy with a President that claims the law does not apply to him. That sounds more like a monarchy to me. You cannot give up even one of your freedoms based on the argument that it will keep you free. Liberals believe in Liberty - that's where the word liberal comes from. The liberal agenda is based upon human rights, equality, individual freedom, free and fair elections and the rule of law.

"You're either with us or against us" isn't included as a Liberal principle. First of all it's a false dilemma. There should be more choices than "with us or against us". What is wrong with "with you, but let's try to do it this way". There is always a spectrum of possibilities and we should not be forced into ignoring other possibilities. Is it unpatriotic to want your country to live up to its extraordinary ideals? Liberals believe individuals have a right to participate in free and open debate. Being opposed to torture shouldn't be viewed as "tearing the country down".

Tolerance, respect, dignity, justice, liberty, and freedom aren't just words to liberals. We believe the United States should strive for perfection concerning these values.