Friday, January 27, 2006

Ok This is Really Funny

The 50 most loathsome people in America 2005

I really like #13, #12 and really really like #4!!!

Democratic Elections Don't Always Give You the Government You Want

Looks like G.W. Bush is getting some conservative governments elected.

Canada's government just went conservative. But oops, looks like one of the first things Harper wants are some armed ice breakers to enforce Canada's sovereignty over arctic waters. The USA has challenged Canada's claims to sovereignty over Arctic waterways. Harper has also vowed to clean up Canada's corrupt government. I wonder if that gives Bush pause?

Iraq is forming a conservative government of sorts. At least it's one that believes religion plays a strong role in government. Iran and Palestine couldn't be happier.

Speaking of Palestine.... they just had democratic elections. Seems like the people have spoken. The terrorist group Hamas is now firmly in charge. I heard a Hamas spokesperson on the radio this morning say that Hamas won because of what G.W. Bush is doing in Iraq.

Let's not even talk about Venezuela.

So the USA better learn to work with the foreign governments we have and not the ones we wish we had.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Let Me Get This Straight Karl

-Bush ignores Clinton's advice about dealing with al Qaeda
-didn't take the "bin Laden determined to strike inside U.S." memo seriously
-invaded Afghanistan but failed to follow through on our commitments
-can't catch bin Laden
-launched a devastating war in Iraq that has increased the terrorist threat
-weakens our army
-watched the nuclear threat posed by North Korea and Iran get considerably worse
-his minions leaked classified information for partisan gain
-appoints unqualified cronies to important gov't positions
-launched an illegal surveillance program that produced a flood of useless tips

Yet Democrats are the ones that are weak on defense?

Monday, January 23, 2006

For You Technical Types - How Soon Will Iran Have the Bomb?

The war drums are beating to prepare us for a possible attack on Iran, at least their nuclear (nucular) facilities. From reading the newspapers it sounds like Iran will have nuclear weapons within a few months, a year at the most.

Do you want to educate yourself about what Iran's real capacity is? Go here and enjoy. Be sure and read "part 1" also.

Jack And George - Photos

Scott McClellan said earlier this month, "The president does not know him (Abramoff), nor does the president recall ever meeting him."

Well now the photos are beginning to show up. Now photos of Jack and George may or may not mean anything. But one photo it seems "shows Abramoff and Bush with Raul Garza, chairman of the Kickapoo Indians in Texas, who has been indicted on charges of stealing $300,000 from his tribe."

It's photos like that one that are likely to make one ask questions about the Bush Administration relationship with Jack Abramoff. And, who in their right mind would believe George never met "pioneer" Jack Abramoff. If someone raised $100,000 for your campaign, wouldn't you want to thank them in person?