Thursday, October 06, 2005

Who is in Charge if an Avian Flu Epidemic Hits the USA?

Jerome M. Hauer used to be the Ass't Sec. for Public Health Emergency Preparedness. He developed the country's first bioterrorism response plans while serving as Director of Emergency Management for New York City. He graduated from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and is now director of the Response to Emergencies and Disasters Institute at The George Washington University.

Who is in charge now? Why a Mr. Stewart Simonson, a lawyer, not a medical expert. Simonson is a crony of HHS Sec. Tommy Thompson and was his legal counsel when Tommy was governor of Wisconsin. Let's hope he is more capable than 'Heck of a job' Brownie. BTW, avian flu has killed 50% of the people in China that have been diagnosed with avian flu infection. Recently, Spanish flu, which killed millions in the early 1900's, has been identified as an avian flu strain. Wish ourselves luck.

Duped Pro-Lifers

Have pro-life voters been duped yet again? Republican, conservative, Christian fundie voters have spent the last 40 years doing anything that needed to be done to gain control of the federal government. They only wanted one thing: a supreme court that would overturn Roe v. Wade. Five years ago they finally got their wish - W. Bush was elected along with right wing majorities in both houses of congress. These voters were willing to support George W. through thick and thin. Lies, war, run amok government growth, out of control spending, torture, spit on the bill of rights, cronyism, swift boat name it, the pro-lifers were willing to support it or look the other way. So how are they repaid? Harriet Miers nominated by 'W' for a supreme court judge slot. Now they are howling and who can blame them? They are finally getting what 'W' has been giving the opposition for 5 years. Republicans have been getting the support of pro-lifers for years and years. How much longer will they continue to fall for the lie that Republicans want to overturn Roe v Wade?

Now remember a few weeks ago when Roberts was being questioned by the Senate? Republicans were saying, hey...the President deserves to appoint who he wants without a lot of in depth questioning by the opposition. I won't even debate whether they had a point or not. But now, with a new candidate for Supreme Court Justice, the Republicans are saying...what to hell? Where did 'W' find this unqualified person? We are going to have to question her VERY closely and she better answer every question! Ah these are amusing times.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Harriet Miers for Supreme Court?

She says George W. Bush is the 'most brilliant man she has ever met'. Does she only hang around idiots? I'm really not sure what to make of that statement. Supposedly, in a White House where everyone kisses 'W's ass, she takes it to the whole next level of zeal. Oh yeah, she is also the person who investigated Bush's National Guard record and determined that he saved the free world from Communism.

Climbing Cascade Mt - In Retrospect Not a Great Idea

Saturday we climbed Cascade Mt. The trail is about 2.7 miles long and a climb of about 2000 ft in elevation. The trail is extremely eroded and basically strewn with 1-2 ft size boulders that you have to step on or around. Because of the condition of the trail the climb back down also took 3 hrs. I've posted a few pictures.

cascade 001

Here is the mountain from the 'bottom' which starts at about 2000 ft. Notice all the cars. I'd guess well over 100 people made the climb that day.

cascade 003

Here is one view from the top looking down on Rt. 73. Unfortunately, you cannot see the two cascade lakes which are hidden by the forest. The top of the mountain is bare, bald rock; very windy; and quite chilly.

cascade 002

Whiteface Mt from the top of Cascade Mt. See the ski trails and the 'castle' on top.

cascade 004

A view more to the West North West. If you know where to look you can see part of the Olympic Bobsled and Luge run.