Friday, December 05, 2008

I don't think so

This surprised even me. Thanks Sara

$110,000 on Hair and Makeup?

You better look pretty damn good if you have professionals doing your hair and makeup to the tune of $110,000 over two months. Now how much was that John Edwards haircut?

Why Bother Impeaching Obama?

Ok, here is a good one from the wing-nut-o-sphere. Let's not go to the trouble of impeaching Obama,that takes too much time. Let's just declare him not a citizen of the USA before the inauguration day. Naturally, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is willing to go along with these nuts.
Justice Clarence Thomas distributed to his colleagues a request that the high court weigh in before the Electoral College makes Obama’s victory official later this month. The justices may decide in a Friday conference whether to hear or cast away a lawsuit dismissed in a lower court and appealed by a retired New Jersey lawyer named Leo C. Donofrio, who also has his own Web site.

Go to, the voice of the people (it's all about Faith, Family and Country) and listen to their pleas. They want proof Barack Obama is a citizen of the USA. Yep, Obama's birth certificate is a fraud. How his family managed to get his birth announcement published in a Honolulu newspaper 47 years ago should also be investigated. See, they Obama's family knew that someday he would run for the Presidency of the USA. This is all a huge, really well thought out conspiracy.

PS Is Michelle Malkin a US citizen? Are you only a citizen if your father was a citizen? Stay tuned - this topic isn't going away.

I have a different explanation. These wing-nuts have never heard of William of Ockham. They are the same group that think we never landed on the moon. They see black helicopters and know in their hearts that the UN wants to rule the world. In other words, they haven't the foggiest idea how to think.

Neo-Hooverites = Republicans?

What do Republicans need to do to regain their former role as leaders of the free market economy, flag, god and country? You can make the case that they need to make sure President-elect Obama and the Democratic Congress fail to solve any of our country's problems. They do this simply by continuing to do what they've done over the last two years. Obstruct. So what if we have to suffer through a depression. So what if we all have to suffer so Republicans can win in 2 or 4 years. We need to be taught a good lesson - forget that the sacrifice Bush wanted us to make was to go out and spend.

Reagan spent us into huge deficits which Clinton had to fix. Now Bush has done the same thing with his war against a tactic (terror) and now Republicans are calling on Democrats to be fiscally responsible.

Who ever would have thought that the Republican government could succeed in bringing down the US economy in only 8 years?

Thursday, December 04, 2008

And The Winner Is? (foot and mouth disease)

Yea for Kansas. Looks like they are the lucky winners to be the home of the new National Bio and Agro-Defense Lab.
The federal government is recommending a site in Kansas over sites in North Carolina and elsewhere for a new $450 million laboratory to study biological threats such as anthrax and contagious animal diseases, a Kansas senator's office said Wednesday.
This new lab is to replace the Plum Island Animal Disease Lab, off Long Island, in New York State. Seems like a great idea to me to start studying very contagious animal diseases like foot and mouth disease and anthrax in the middle of the continental USA rather than out on an island. Even stranger, according to the Department of Homeland Security, Congressional law stipulates live foot-and-mouth disease virus cannot be studied on the mainland USA.

Why are they replacing the Plum Island facility? Well, it's too old. That begs the question of why they can't modernize it.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Unreasonable Faith

Good blog, Unreasonable Faith, written by "a former christian" with thoughts on "faith, science and skepticism". But what is really interesting is the journey through the dark parts of the bible, the contents so far include two posts. The introduction can be found here.

I’m going to show you that side by looking at some of the stories from a different perspective. As we will see, Yahweh is not just the God of love and justice, but a God full of wrath and jealousy, who delights in acts that most of us — without the blinders of faith — would consider the height of evil.
The second post, "Genesis 3: God screws up the world, blames man" is here.

Christians believe that God created the world and is in control of it, so they must find a scapegoat for all this evil that goes on. They can’t believe their God could have intended all this to happen. So they have the story of the forbidden fruit and Satan, the rebellious angel. Yet is the Bible’s answer really satisfying? As I have argued, it would make God responsible for this mess.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Happy December

After problems with our water system, going without water for 4 days - replacing a well pump (although I'm not sure it was needed)and a quick 2 day trip to Boston to visit my wonderful daughter (and eat lots of food)- I'm back at the grindstone for another 3 weeks or so before Christmas break.

We didn't do much more than eat while in Boston and meet several of my daughters friends. We did visit Dorchester Heights, where the American rebels chased the British out of Boston. We also visited Mike's Pastry in the North End and ate cannoli. You can order online from Mike's Pastry which is far easier than budging your way in through the crowds. We had ribs at Redbones BBQ and shawarma in a Jewish middle Eastern takeout in Allston (near to Coolidge corners).

We stayed at the Best Western Terrace Inn in Allston, near the BC campus. It's cheap, clean, right on the green T line, has free parking and is only a mile from my daughters apartment.

Naturally, we had to visit Harvard Square and spend some time at the Coop. We also spent 3 hours at the movies watching "Australia". Not a bad movie but could use a little more action in my opinion. I didn't know that Darwin was attacked by the Japanese during WWII (multiple times, but the movie shows the first, and most deadly attack).

Also visited my daughters school, the Quincy E. Dickerman Elementary School.

Got around mostly using the T, which was fun and convenient. Got to hear an older Chinese gentleman playing an erhu in the government center station. Weird sounding to the Western ear.