Friday, December 05, 2008

Neo-Hooverites = Republicans?

What do Republicans need to do to regain their former role as leaders of the free market economy, flag, god and country? You can make the case that they need to make sure President-elect Obama and the Democratic Congress fail to solve any of our country's problems. They do this simply by continuing to do what they've done over the last two years. Obstruct. So what if we have to suffer through a depression. So what if we all have to suffer so Republicans can win in 2 or 4 years. We need to be taught a good lesson - forget that the sacrifice Bush wanted us to make was to go out and spend.

Reagan spent us into huge deficits which Clinton had to fix. Now Bush has done the same thing with his war against a tactic (terror) and now Republicans are calling on Democrats to be fiscally responsible.

Who ever would have thought that the Republican government could succeed in bringing down the US economy in only 8 years?

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