Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Unreasonable Faith

Good blog, Unreasonable Faith, written by "a former christian" with thoughts on "faith, science and skepticism". But what is really interesting is the journey through the dark parts of the bible, the contents so far include two posts. The introduction can be found here.

I’m going to show you that side by looking at some of the stories from a different perspective. As we will see, Yahweh is not just the God of love and justice, but a God full of wrath and jealousy, who delights in acts that most of us — without the blinders of faith — would consider the height of evil.
The second post, "Genesis 3: God screws up the world, blames man" is here.

Christians believe that God created the world and is in control of it, so they must find a scapegoat for all this evil that goes on. They can’t believe their God could have intended all this to happen. So they have the story of the forbidden fruit and Satan, the rebellious angel. Yet is the Bible’s answer really satisfying? As I have argued, it would make God responsible for this mess.

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