Monday, December 01, 2008

Happy December

After problems with our water system, going without water for 4 days - replacing a well pump (although I'm not sure it was needed)and a quick 2 day trip to Boston to visit my wonderful daughter (and eat lots of food)- I'm back at the grindstone for another 3 weeks or so before Christmas break.

We didn't do much more than eat while in Boston and meet several of my daughters friends. We did visit Dorchester Heights, where the American rebels chased the British out of Boston. We also visited Mike's Pastry in the North End and ate cannoli. You can order online from Mike's Pastry which is far easier than budging your way in through the crowds. We had ribs at Redbones BBQ and shawarma in a Jewish middle Eastern takeout in Allston (near to Coolidge corners).

We stayed at the Best Western Terrace Inn in Allston, near the BC campus. It's cheap, clean, right on the green T line, has free parking and is only a mile from my daughters apartment.

Naturally, we had to visit Harvard Square and spend some time at the Coop. We also spent 3 hours at the movies watching "Australia". Not a bad movie but could use a little more action in my opinion. I didn't know that Darwin was attacked by the Japanese during WWII (multiple times, but the movie shows the first, and most deadly attack).

Also visited my daughters school, the Quincy E. Dickerman Elementary School.

Got around mostly using the T, which was fun and convenient. Got to hear an older Chinese gentleman playing an erhu in the government center station. Weird sounding to the Western ear.


BBC said...

Four days without water is not a concept to me. I keep enough water on hand here for a month if something should happen to my source.

Longer if I need to stretch it out. Wasting water is for spoiled monkeys.

Sara said...

My mom got a morin khuur from Mongolia which looks very similar, except it has a horse head on the top of it - they sorta have an eerie sound to them if I remember correctly, is that one the same?