Thursday, April 03, 2008

National Zoo, Washington, DC

Not much time to do any sight seeing, but the one thing I did want to do during our short stay was to visit our newest Panda - Tai Shan at the National Zoo.

Tai Shan no longer looks like a baby. He was born July 9, 2005 weighing 1.8 pounds. He now weighs 125. He could eventually grow to twice that size. He put on a great show for us while we were at the zoo. It is amazing to see how agile a 125 lb. panda can be while high up in a tree.

This is one of the younger Western lowland gorillas at the National Zoo. He was grazing on grass and pretty much ignoring everyone.

The zoo has 4 Orangutans. They were putting on quite an amazing show for the morning crowd. The Orangutans have the option of using a 400 ft. long 'O' line that connects two buildings and they make good use of it.