Friday, September 16, 2005

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

If the Shoe Fits....

Comment from foreign government (and a strong ally at that):

Katrina revealed a hollowed superpower . . . a country that is not a country at all, but atomised, segmented individuals living parallel lives as far apart as possible

George Bush the uniter

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Have We Finally Figured It Out?

More people than not, hopefully, now realize that G. W. Bush is incompetent. Bush's idea of government simply does not work. He is a self-indulgent, detached person who is reported to yell at his minions if they bring him bad news. It is becoming obvious that this administration lied when it said that it could protect us better than a Democratic administration. The man is simply not in touch with average Americans. Proposing to privatize social security has proven that. He believes we have a wonderful economy. Prove that to an everday working stiff. Four million people have slipped into poverty on his watch. He has given 2.2 trillion dollars in tax cuts and is asking for more cuts. The Federal budget is a mess! 200 billion dollars thus far on Iraq (at least), 530 billion dollar medicare drug bill that specifically does not allow price negotiation with drug companies, a 286 billion dollar, pork filled, transportation bill, 14.5 billion energy bill that he proudly admits will do nothing to reduce our dependency on foreign oil. What will the next 3 years bring? Will moderate Republicans finally have the guts to stand up to this man who I sincerely believe is destroying the USA? Are you finally waking up? If we are still fooled by this man, I guess we deserve it.


Funny photoshopped picture of 'W', but it really says it all.