Saturday, October 27, 2007

Humans to Become Two Species

"Evolutionary theorist" Oliver Curry of the London School of Economics predicts the humans will evolve into 2 species. You see ugly guys will mate with ugly women creating a troll-like race and the beautiful people will mate with other people to create a seven ft. tall, long-lived, super-race. This will take 1000 yrs. to happen.

This nutjob received his PhD in 2005 from the Government Department of the London School of Economics and currently teaches Political Theory at New York University in London. Man, that sure is good training to base your evolutionary theories on.

I always had a lot of respect for the London School of Economics but you can become really disappointed when you see a prestigious university has people like Curry on their staff. Kinda like Anne Coulter having a degree from a great university like Cornell, that is so sad for Cornell.

That being said, the article about Curry's theory is published in the Daily Mail which is the "Weekly World News" of the UK.


Scoop said...

The sad part of this is the dumbasses who will believe this.

Scoop said...

Actually I may be wrong, spend a day in the courthouse watching the people going into family court, the uglies are here already.