Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Earth's Birthday is Today!

The Earth came into being on Sunday October 23, 4004 BC (some say at 9 AM). That makes today the Earth's 6010th birthday. Yep, this is what millions of people belive. Bishop James Ussher calculated the age of the Earth and published it in the "Annals of the World" in 1650. Moreover, Adam and Eve were chased out of the Garden of Eden shortly thereafter, Monday November 10, 4004 BC. And, the ark touched down on Mt Ararat on 5 May 5, 2348 BC, a Wednesday.

You can learn much more about the "Annals of the World" at Conservapedia. Conservapedia, the trustworthy encyclopedia, highly recommends that every home should have a copy of this history of the world, especially home-schoolers.

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