Monday, April 17, 2006

Tahawus, NY - Part 4

Titanium dioxide was mined in Tahawus by the National Lead Industries from 1940 til 1989.

Although the mine is all around Tahawus, this view is taken from the Tahawus Rd looking towards the industrial complex. It's hard to see, but most of those 'hills' in the foreground are actually made up of mine tailings.

Here is a better view of a 300 foot high mountain of tailings.

Ok sue me. I forgot to put my camera in 'distance' mode. If I had you would see a much clearer picture of one of the mine buildings in the distance.

I think everything in this photo is made up of mine tailings, even the road.
There is much more information on Tahawus on this Adirondack Park Agency site, this Ghosttown site, on history of the mining operations here and some nice drawings of the blast furnace at the Library of Congress here.

I highly recommend a personal visit however.

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