Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Oh Yeah - 10-12 Inches of Snow at My House

frost 002

The snow started seriously yesterday about 5 PM or so. By 10 PM we already had at least 6 inches. Above is from the top of my driveway. The trees are bent over seriously and I had to plow through the branches.

frost 001

The rest of our road was the same. The branches are bent over so far that the plow could only make a single lane. I'm worried that the trees will not make it upright again and may have to be cut.

frost 003

Not quite as much snow in the village, maybe 5-6 inches. Almost no snow in Tupper Lake only 15 miles away. Pictured is 'Little Red', the first TB cure cottage built in Saranac Lake. Now standing on the grounds of Trudeau Institute.

Normally the pictures would look a bit better, but I didn't have a chance to 'photoshop' them.

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Sara said...

I still can't believe that you've got that much snow and outside my flat window there are still lots of green leaves!!