Monday, December 05, 2005

Iraq War Profiteering

Anyone hear about the $10 million dollar bat mitzvah party for a 13 yr old girl? She and 300 of her best friends (who has 300 best friends?) were entertained by 50 Cents (reportedly one-half million for 30 min act), Aerosmith, Kenny G., Stevie Nicks and hosted by Tom Petty. It was held for the daughter of David H. Brooks, CEO of DHB Industries. DHB Industries produces bulletproof vests but evidently not very good ones. Over 5000 of the vests were recalled last May because they did not meet contract specification (i.e. bullets evidently went through them). This guy made $70 million dollars in 2004 and sold DHB stock for another $186 million dollars. As of Nov. 21, 18,000 more vests have been recalled. How do people like this live with themselves?


B-Wizz said...

I heard about this - I'll see if I can find the link to some pictures from the event if you want, I know I saw them somewhere. I had no idea that's how daddy payed for all of it.

Dude, it's 50 cent (fiddy cent).

PCS said...

I know how it's pronounced. I have a young daughter. And I've got the link to the party pictures. Looked like mostly adults in the pictures.