Friday, December 16, 2005

Is There 'Marketing' in Science?

"Elucidating a nonapoptotic role for caspase activity in T cell function: a link to NF-kappaB activation"

That's the title of the seminar today. Ok, I have a pretty good superficial knowledge of what the seminar is going to be about. I also know that understanding cell signaling is extremely important, especially in the development of new drugs. But damn! Isn't there a happy medium between letting your audience know what you are going to talk about and 'marketing' your science? Give me a good ole talk about the in vivo effects of such and such a pathogen and I am definitely happy.


Sara said...

Where did Scientific Photo Friday go? I was doing so well!!
How was the seminar? Everything you expected and more??

PCS said...

Didn't go to the talk. Ran out of 'cool' scientific instruments' I guess. Most of them just look like computers.