Tuesday, February 28, 2006

America for Sale

A report prepared by the United States House Rules Committee can be found here. It's a congressional report on how America is being sold to the highest bidder. It must be a minority report because it happens to be critical of Republicans.

A few examples of what is going on:

A confusing and expensive Medicare Program. The new drug plan so expensive that the Republicans had to lie about it's cost. Medicare Part D is a disaster.

An energy strategy that saves no energy. Now who helped write that energy policy again? Oh yeah, it's a secret, but Kenny Boy Lay was probably involved. Exxon Mobil had a 40% increase in profits and a 14% increase in their tax bill.

Polluters re-writing environmental laws.

A nation still vulnerable to terrorist attacks. The response to Katrina proved that beyond a doubt. 9/11 commission says we are not prepared. Biggest problem? The Republican controlled congress has failed in it's oversight of the executive branch of government.

A government run by political hacks. Heckuva job Brownie. In the Bush administration loyalty counts more than competence.

Fat cats get their defense contracts, but soldiers don't get their body armor. Did you hear that a new Zogby Poll says that 72% of soldiers think we should get out of Iraq? 250 billion dollars for Iraq thus far.

Drug companies get off the hook if their products injure Americans.

Corporate profits up (way up), American family incomes down. Friends don't investigate friends. Tax breaks and government contracts for those companies that move offshore. Oh yeah, and we have too much health insurance.

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