Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What Really Happened in the Gunning Down of Whittington? A Conspiracy Theory.

Was alcohol involved? Cheney admits having had a beer at lunchtime. Cheney of course had to leave Yale because he was too busy getting drunk to keep his grades up. Cheney also has two drunk driving convictions. Unlike GW, Cheney never gave up the booze. The sheriff didn't get to interview Cheney right away - why?

Who was the third hunter? Why haven't we heard from them? Weren't they the nearest witness? It was Pamela Willeford, US Ambassador to Liechtenstein and close friend of Dick Cheney (also rumored to be having a 'relationship' with Cheney).

The guy that was gunned down has a pellet near his liver and one near his heart. It was cold out so at a minimum Whittington had on a heavy shirt and a jacket. It's kind of hard to believe that pellets from a 28g shell could penetrate the jacket, the shirt and skin to travel into his abdominal and thoracic cavities from 90 ft away. The doctors said they knew he had a pellet near his heart from 'the beginning'. Whittington was likely gunned down much closer than 90 ft. They also initially 'misstated' time the shooting occurred.

The sheriff needed to be stalled so they can get Ms. Willeford out of sight and get Cheney sobered up.

There are several witnesses so time is also needed to get the story straight and to make sure Mr. Whittington knows what story to tell.

Now people at the hospital are using the 'McClellan technique' on reporters asking questions. They refuse to say how many pellets hit Mr. Whittington or even whether the pellets are lead or steel although they answered many other questions.

We aren't getting even close to the real story.

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