Thursday, March 23, 2006

Forget About the Rapture - Worry About Peak Oil

I've been aware of peak oil for a few years but I've prefered not to think about it much. Peak oil concerns depletion of oil resources. You can learn more about peak oil here. Many experts believe we have already reached peak oil production, there is no where to go but down from here on out. But if you really want to be scared read "George W. Bush and Peak Oil: Beyond Incompetence". Yeah yeah, I know past Presidents haven't done much for energy conservation either, but Georgie boy is an 'oil man' and should know better.

The article goes through these points one by one:

Peak Oil is foreseeable.

The consequences are also foreseeable and are likely to be ruinous.

The Bush administration has been repeatedly warned.

Actions could be taken to reduce the impact, but the longer those actions are delayed, the worse the impact will be.

The administration, rather than taking steps to mitigate these looming catastrophic impacts, has instead done things that can only worsen them.

Don't forget to visit (lots of nice graphs) and

So the rapture better happen with a couple decades at the latest or there won't be anyone to 'rapture'.

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