Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What is an Impeachable Offense?

What has President G.W. Bush done that might merit impeachment? Justifying going to war based on, oh what to hell, lies? Sending too few troops with insufficient body armor resulting in needless deaths of soldiers? Poor to no planning for post-war Iraq? Not listening to 'naysayers'? Spying on your own citizens without a warrant? Locking up people without recourse to an attorney? Not going after Bin Laden in Tora Bora? Giving control of our ports to a foreign country? Torture? Complete incompetence in running the country? The Medicare Drug 'benefit'? The lack of a response to hurricane Katrina? The appointment of unqualified 'cronies' to important offices? Spending out of control? Ignoring North Korea? Saying that laws passed by Congress may not apply to him? Maybe none of these, at least as long as Republicans have control of the Congress. Doesn't ANYONE want to give GW a bj?

Read Harold Meyerson's (WP) excellent comments on impeachment here. I especially liked the fact that his 92 year old mother had 'impeach bush' on her grocery list.

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