Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bush's Immigration Speech

It appears most conservatives didn't care too much for it. If you can stomach it you can go here to the Minuteman Blog Central and see what they think of the speech.

Bush only promised to reduce immigration not stop it 100%. There is only one way Bush could satisfy this group. Some illegal immigrants must be shot while attempting to sneak into the country.

Mark Levin of the National Review thinks "This is pure idiocy...."

You could go here and read what Michell Malkin has to say. I wouldn't recommend it though because you would have to disinfect your entire computer after you were finished at that website.

Assrocket at Powerline says "He had his chance and he blew it. He should have given the speech I told him to".

Oh yeah, you couldn't find a better bunch of Bush asskissers than these guys, but now they are through with Bush.

This from people who have been kissing Bush's ass for the last 6 years. Et tu Brute?

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