Monday, September 03, 2007

Where is John McHugh (R-NY23)?

A letter in todays Press Republican asks a good question. Where are the public meetings with John McHugh?

Here are the first couple of paragraphs.

TO THE EDITOR: It was very interesting to read that Kristen Gillibrand is hosting a "town-hall meeting" in Lake Placid, inviting members of the public to share opinions and concerns on local issues.

Wow! What great representation our neighboring congressional district has. Does anyone remember Rep. McHugh ever having such a public meeting?

Mr. McHugh represents a huge area of the North Country, but unlike Rep. Gillibrand, he can't seem to find the time to meet with his constituents. Maybe he doesn't want to answer questions like "why are you consistently opposed to withdrawing troops from Iraq", "why are you opposed to stem cell research", "why are you opposed to a hate crimes bill" or "why are you opposed to increasing accessability of health care to our troops" (see here and here)? Mr. McHugh is in favor of protecting wild horses at least.

Here is one question that I would ask. Mr. are opposed to the right of women to seek an abortion. If abortion were to be made illegal....what criminal penalty should be set against the women who chose to abort her fetus?

You can find a whole list of John McHugh's political stances at McHugh Watch (a Bob Johnson production). It's more than likely that Mr. McHugh only has one reason for the way he casts his votes. He is a strong supporter of G.W. Bush, arguably the worse President in history.

Mr. McHugh cannot hide his record. Maybe you can even argue that his constituents support most of his votes. But I doubt it. The only way we can be sure that Mr. McHugh is actually representing his constituents is by meeting face-to-face with them in public meetings.

How about visiting Saranac Lake, NY and defending your record Mr. McHugh?

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Brian said...

There's one big difference. Democrat Gillibrand knows that if she doesn't work her tail off, she won't get re-elected in a comfortably Republican district. Republican McHugh knows that he'd have to screw up pretty badly to get booted out of a comfortably GOP district. This is why we badly need in this state an independent re-districting commission to ensure that we have competitive districts. Competitive districts is more likely to mean responsive representatives.