Thursday, November 29, 2007

Local "Healer" Complains

This is some what of an odd commentary published in the Adirondack Daily Entrprise and written by a local "healer" who seems to feel that her clients expect too much.
It has been my experience that people who have chosen the path as healers are often placed on unrealistic pedestals by others.
I guess I too would place a "healer" on a pedestal given that they often claim to be able to "heal" from a distance. That claim is pretty spectacular.

They go to make an "obvious" point.
Actually, being a healer is humbling because when we assist others in healing we must first humble ourselves before the great spirit, guides and teachers, and ask them to help us so that we may be a channel for their energy. It’s their power that is passed through us so that the client can receive what is needed. We are only the middle man/woman.
It is sad that there are supposedly educated people, living in modern, developed countries, like the USA, that actually believe in crap like that.

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