Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Changes in the Guantanamo Bay SOP manual

OK, here is a new one for me.....WikiLeaks, a place for truth-tellers. It's a place where you can anonymously upload documents for analylis and dissemination.

Here is the link for the Guantanomo Bay SOP manual (2004). The document has been examined by lawyers from the Center for Constitutional Rights and here are some of their conclusions.
Non-compliance with the Geneva Conventions remains official US Policy

Extraordinary, increased petty restrictions on detainees

Increased hostility towards chaplains and Red Cross

Changes reveal extent of suicide and self-harm attempts among detainees
Some of the language changes made to the SOP manual include:

"hunger strike(s)" changed to "Voluntary Total Fasting" or "VTF"

"suicide" changed to "self-harm"

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