Friday, October 24, 2008

America Lover or America Hater?

Maybe Rep. Michelle Bachmann has a point. Maybe it's high time we begin to figure out just who is an America lover and who is an America hater. An extensive search of the internet isn't really much help concerning this topic. Is Ann Coulter an America lover for suggesting that the NYT building should have been bombed or that a Supreme Court Justice should have rat poison put in his food or are those America hating viewpoints? It's really hard to tell.

But there is one way to determine whether you are an America lover or an America hater. Rep. Michelle Bachmann has sponsored a Bill, H.R. 5616, in the House of Representatives. This Bill is titled the "Light Bulb Freedom of Choice Act". It's really pretty simple. America haters want to replace incandescent light bulbs with more energy efficient fluorescent light bulbs. Anyone can see that this is a completely America hating viewpoint. Why should America have to save energy? We have every right to use as much energy as we want as long as we can continue to pay our enemies for the needed oil. If you use fluorescent light bulbs, you are very likely to be an America hater.

We need a government investigation into this scandal. Anyone that has more than....let's say 15% fluorescent light bulbs in their homes (its ok for big business to use them) should be considered an America hater. These America haters should be given a small fine for their America hating ways, but their real punishment will be that they must wear a big tricked out nametag with a big AH (for America hater) on it for an appropriate amount of time. Another possibility would be to place such people into re-educaton camps.

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