Friday, October 10, 2008

Whipping Up Anti-Obama Anger

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (in video on CNN Anderson Cooper show). When you have an Obama, Pelosi and the rest of the hooligans up there going to run this country, we have got to have our head examined. It's time that you two are representing us, and we are mad. So, go get them.

It's clear that the Palin/McCain campaign has been successful in whipping up some serious anger, or hate, fear and ignorance, among a certain portion of the American populace. We've heard an example of this type of rhetoric in Saranac Lake from out own "Gary from Bloomingdale". We are almost at the point that we need to fear for Obama's life.

With all this anger, it is going to be difficult for Obama to get anything accomplished once he is President (and it looks pretty likely that he will be elected President, unless race is a huge factor).

At this point we can only hope that Democrats get the 60 seats in the US Senate that would be necessary for Obama to have any hopes of preventing the USA from going down the economic tubes.

Might complete Democratic control of the government result in socialism and disaster? Maybe, but at least we will have a party in control of government that believes government can work.

We've had almost 8 years of incompetent government. Incompetent because those in power don't believe in government. Look where it has led us. Never ending war; a city in still ruins, an economy in the tank and the "hands off" government eavesdropping on their own citizens. I'm not willing to take the chance that a new Republican President will be any more effective than the current President.

If anybody needs their "heads examined" it's those who will vote for 4 more years of disaster under Republicans.

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Anonymous said...

The Repubs are at the bottom on the barrel and don't you think they know it, and so does most of America.

If we had elected Al Gore in 2000, and he was the president for the last 8 years, this country would have looked very different.

1st, we would be energy independent.

2nd, following Pres. Clinton economic policies we would have retired the national debt by now.

3rd, we would have the worlds cutting edge jobs in renewable energy systems.

4th, Gore would have chosen a capable national security adviser, who would have prevented the 9/11 attack.

5th, The country would be at peace, because the Gore Doctrine, would only attack another nation in the event that every other option failed. War would always be the last option not the first.

6th, American would still be free country, to eMail and talk on the phone and not have your own Government spying on you.

7th, Our economy would not be melting down right now because we did not do items 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6 listed above.