Monday, February 23, 2009

Reality Surprises Morning Joe and Willy

Listen to the absolute surprise in the voices of these "news" talking heads on Morning Joe when they are told there is no money to save endangered swamp mice in the economic stimulus bill. "What???? Huh??? What do you mean??? But...but..but... It's at around 45 seconds into the video. I've been reading about this topic for at least 2 weeks (not Fox News sources) and I knew there was no such money included in the economic stimulus package. Are you telling me "Morning Joe" doesn't have research people that can tell him the same thing? Yes he does, but facts don't necessarily fit into Joe's reality.

Check out politifacts on the topic.

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Anonymous said...

Why confuse a Rush talking point and his ditto head minions with facts. You want them to sue us for brain damage.