Sunday, May 17, 2009

Torture Investigations

Ok, let me get this right. Nancy Pelosi must be prosecuted because she knew about the torture policies of the Bush Administration (which were not torture and were legal) and did nothing to stop it. The people that actually came up with the policies, justified their legality and implemented them should not be investigated.

There are a whole bunch of Democrats that just sat quietly on their asses while Bush and his cronies (Cronies and Bush?) broke the law. Everyone of those people should be identified and forced to resign.

I'm all for investigations into what happened, how it happened and who knew what when concerning torture. Then let's prosecute those who broke the law and put them in jail. Any Democrat that broke the law also needs to be prosecuted. I think most Democrats believe the same as I do.

There is a coming grassroots groundswell for investigations of which laws were broken during the last administration.

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Russ said...

maybe the investigation should be about which laws were'nt broken. Might be an easier tact to take.